October 15, 2021

8 Steps to Choose the Correct Weighing Module

The weighing module is a new type of weighing element, which combines the weighing load cell, load transfer device and installation connectors and other components, and can be easily connected with various shapes of mechanical devices, such as hopper weighing, Tank weighing, reactor weighing, etc. can be divided into cantilever beam weighing module, column weighing module, disc weighing module, S-type weighing module, etc. according to their shape.

8 steps to choose the correct weighing module

  1. Calculate the weighing capacity
  2. Determine the electromechanical control requirements
  3. Ensure safety during installation and operation
  4. Meet the accuracy requirements
  5. Compliance with hazardous area requirements
  6. Meet the environmental conditions
  7. Facilitate fast and economical installation
  8. Determine the calibration method

Where the standard scale is not applicable, the compression weighing module can be assembled into a scale. The built-up scale can be a custom platform scale, conveyor belt scale, tank, hopper or reactor. There is no doubt that the weighing module must be carefully selected to provide the performance required for its entire life cycle.

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