February 18, 2022

Calibration steps of load cell


Physical inspection:

Check for physical damage in the load cell. In addition, check for dents and cracks on all four sides. Please note that if the load cell is not in its original shape and is changed, compressed, bent or stretched, the load cell needs to be replaced.


Bridge resistance:


This test should be performed when there is no load and the system is disconnected from the weight controller. Now measure the excitation lead of the input resistance and the signal lead of the output resistance.


Compare the reading with the load cell specifications. Tolerance readings are usually caused by power fluctuations.


Zero point balance:


Residual stress in the sensing area usually results in a shift in zero balance. If the load cell is repeatedly overloaded in multiple operating cycles, residual stresses will accumulate.


When the system is empty, check the output of the load cell with a voltmeter. It must be within 0.1% of the above zero output signal. If the zero balance tolerance band is exceeded, the cell may be damaged.


Ground resistance:


Connect the input, output, and ground leads. With the help of an ohmmeter, check the resistance between the load cell and the lead. If the reading does not reach 5,000 megohms, disconnect the ground wire and repeat the test. If it fails again, the battery may be damaged.


By performing these steps, you can not only ensure that the load cell is working properly, but you can also prevent and take preventive measures to prevent any potential damage.

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