Mini Compression Load Button Electric Round Load Cell from Chinese Supplier Low Capacity

Mini Compression Load Button Electric Round Load Cell from Chinese Supplier Low Capacity

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Mini Button Load Cell Round Load Cell 1ton 100ton Low Profile Pancake Lowest Price
Low Profile Load Cell
Low Profile Load Cells
GOLDSHINE Miniature compression load cells are made of SensorWorld’s advanced strain gauge technology.These load cells are designed for applications in a space limited area.
The capacities of MiNi020 start from 20kg to 500kg.The measuring accuracy is 0.5%R.O.(R.O.=Rated Output).) Manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy/stainless steel of aviation standard.
MiNi020 load cells are mainly used for flat mounting weighing systems and force measuring in a narrow space.

◎Miniature Compression load cells
◎Super micro structure
◎Aluminum construction with surface anodized/stainless steel construction
◎Environment protection class:IP65

◎Flat mounting weighing systems,
◎Force measuring in a narrow space.

Technical Data:

Model LAU-C4/LTU-C4 Excitation,Recommended ≤6VDC
Rated Capacity 20/50/100/200/300/500 kg Operating Temp.Range -10-+40℃
Accuracy Class X Safe Overload 120%R.C.
Rated Output 2.0±0.5%mV/V Insulation Resistance ≥2000MΩ(50VDC)
Zero Balance ±0.1 mV/V Cable,Length ø3mm×2m
Input Resistance 350±10Ω Hysteresis Error ±0.5%R.O.
Output Resistance 350±10Ω Creep in 2 Min. ±0.5%R.O.
 Linearlty Error ±0.5%R.O. Temp.Effect on Output ±0.5%R.O./10℃
Repeatability Error ±0.5%R.O. Temp.Effect on Zero ±0.5%R.O./10℃
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