Rudrra Sensor Overload Protection Load Cell Rope Tension Transducers

Rudrra Sensor Overload Protection Load Cell Rope Tension Transducers

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General Details

Rudrra Sensor Overload Protection Load Cell Rope Tension Transducers

Rope Tension Load Cell
Dimension: in mm
Clamp-on load cell

Steel Wire Tension Steel Wire Diameter L H B b
1t Ф6-14 180 100 60 35
2t Ф10-18 180 100 60 35
3t Ф14-22 180 100 60 35
5t Ф16-26 200 105 75 40
10t Ф24-36 260 115 110 60


Products specification:

This mechanical load cell has been designed to provide a trip point for lifting systems which have a dead end wire rope. The trip point provides a signal that the user may employ depending on his requirements, e.g.

◎For load limiting in lifting systems

◎To limit the speed as a function of the load on traversing

◎To limit the effort applied for pulling

This universal load cell is recommended for its simplicity and quick lifting capability.


Loa Cell Technical Parameter:

Wire Rope Size: 10~40mm Operating Temperature Range: -30~+70℃
Sensitivity: (1.0±0.1%) mV/V Maximum Safe Over Load: 150%F.S
Combined Error: ±0.1% F.S Ultimate Over Load: 300%F.S
Creep Error(30min): ±0.02% F.S Recommend Excitation Vol.: 10~12V DC
Zero Balance: ±1% F.S Maximum Excitation Voltage: 15V DC
Temp. Effect On Zero: ±0.02% F.S/10℃ Sealing Class: IP67
Temp. Effect On Span: ±0.02% F.S/10℃ Element Material: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
Input Resistance: 385±5Ω Cable: Length=1m
Output Resistance: 352±2Ω Citation: GB/T7551-2008/ OIML R60
Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ Mode Of Connection: Red(Input+),Green(Output+),



Technical Parameter

Wireless Frequency: 430~485MHz
Wireless Distance: Min:800m(In Open Area)
A/D Conversion Rate: ≥50times/seconds
Operating Temp. Range: -20~+80℃
Operating Humidity: ≤85%RH under 20℃
Battery Life: ≥50 hours
Non-Linearity: 0.01%F.S
Stable Time: ≤5 Seconds
Citation: GB/T7551-2008/ OIML R60

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