Tension Transducer Yarn Sensors cable

Tension Transducer Yarn Sensors cable

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Force Measuring Load Cells Tension Sensor


Tension Sensor

cable tension sensor

Cylindrical tension sensor, which uses cantilever beam combined with foil/semiconductor strain gauge principle to detect coil tension, has the characteristics of good linearity of output signal and fast response frequency. Tsensor04 series tension sensors are durable, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, high stability, and can still provide high sensitivity under low tension. Tsensor04 series tension sensors have many specifications and installation modes. They are widely used in coiling control equipment and production, such as printing, composite, coating, shearing, paper making, rubber, textile, wire, cable and film.

Dimension: Unit: mm

Yarn Tension Sensors


Type A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U
Tsensor04-1t 28.6 13 67.5 82 27 12 M12 68 89 73 9 15 40 25 9 116 94 35 41 12 42
Tsensor04-2t 38.1 28 72.5 110 33 16 M16 84 121 97 13 15 44 25 14 160 120 43 45 18 55

Products specification:

◎High response frequency of output signal;

◎High linearity of output signal;

◎Built-in temperature compensation network, small temperature drift;

◎High sensitivity;

◎Industrial dust-proof and anticorrosion design;


Technical Parameter:

TSensor004-1t 25/50/100/125/250/375/500/750N
TSensor004-2t 1250/2500/5000/10000N
TSensor004-3t Customizable
Power Supply: DC5-15V Output Signal: 0-20mA/4-20mA
TSensor002-3t Customizable Operating Temp. Range: -30~+70℃
Repeatability Error: <±0.1% Working humidity Range: <90%R.H.
Combined Error: <±0.2% F.S Sensor Form: Resistance strain gauge
Linear Error: <±0.1% Joint Specification: Aviation plugs-12
Temp. Drift: <±0.02%℃ Weight: 1t:1000g; 2t:3000g
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