February 24, 2022

There is A Difference in the Combined Sensitivity of Four Load Cells, Can It be Adjusted Through the JunctionBox?

Regardless of whether it is a weighing body composed of digital or analog load cells, the adjustment of the angle difference may be involved. Compared with the scale body composed of analog load cells, digital inspection and adjustment are more convenient. As long as the standard weight is added to each corner of the four load cells, the meter can calculate the angle difference coefficient of each corner, and then The angle difference is adjusted automatically, which saves you the need to repeatedly load weights.


What is the angular difference?


If the standard weight is placed on the corners of the four sensors and the weight obtained in the middle of the weighing body is inconsistent, this is the angle difference. No matter how high the accuracy of the load cell is, there will be a certain angular difference, but the higher the accuracy, the smaller the angular difference. But the angle difference can be adjusted, only when the display value of the four corners is close to or the same as the standard weight, the higher the accuracy of the scale will be.


The weighing body composed of analog load cells, adjust the angle difference in the junction box, and use the potentiometer in the junction box to adjust the angle difference. The weighing body mentioned in the title uses four sensors, so there are four potentiometers in the junction box. Before adjusting the angle difference, you need to use a standard weight to weigh each corner of the body. When a corner is not pressed, the displayed value differs greatly from the standard weight. You need to turn the potentiometer in the junction box to adjust the angle difference. After each angle is adjusted, press the angle again. If there is an error, it needs to be loaded repeatedly. The weight continues to adjust the angle difference until the angle difference is within the allowable range. Below is the junction box of the load cell. To adjust the angle difference is to adjust the blue one, which is the potentiometer.


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