load cell

GOLDSHINE is your trusted choice for Test & Measurement and industrial applications, as well as Weighing Technology. Our comprehensive range of strain gauge load cells ,tension sensor, torque sensor, displacement sensor and force sensors are highly reliable, accurate and cost-effective. The combination of GOLDSHINE sensors and our extensive range of accessories and electronics allows for the design and installation of a complete weighing system.
For customers who require something unique, GOLDSHINE offers a fully project managed process of product development, producing Load Cells, Force Sensors, Hardware, Electronics and software that are fully compliant with international standards and verification requirements. This process includes the manufacture of complete systems for industrial weighing scales.

Our Services

We are sincere and honest to achieve the purpose of serving customers

  1. Quality

    Competition for the quality of European, American and Japanese brands

  2. Price

    Superior to Europe, America and Japan with high cost performance

  3. Delivery

    The mass production period shall be delivered on time within 40 days

  4. Concept

    Take telescope to see others, take magnifying glass to see our self

Our Vision

Provide the best quality and cost-effective products and services for the world’s challenges, replace the quality of Japan and Europe, and make the world fall in love with Chinese products.

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