August 8, 2022

Advantages and maintenance of digital load cell

The advantages of digital load cells

1. Long transmission distance, fast communication speed, and significant anti-cheating effect


The output signal of the traditional analog load cell is small, usually in the millivolt level. During the transmission process, due to the influence of the cable resistance, the signal is still lost, and it is also susceptible to interference from the surrounding environment, so it cannot be transmitted over a long distance. There are many cheating methods for its signals, which are generally difficult to control. The digital load cell signal output adopts digital quantity, which is not only high in level, and less affected by interference, but also adopts field bus technology, which has super fast communication speed and has communication error correction function. Due to the confidentiality of the communication protocol, Cheating is basically impossible, so the data obtained is highly reliable.


2. Strong anti-interference ability, high reliability and good lightning protection performance


The power supply for the analog load cell is output from the meter, and the quality of the power supply is affected by the meter. They are also easily affected by electromagnetic interference and surges. The instability of the power supply also has a great influence on the output of the load cell, which is easy to cause the instability of the output, and the instantaneous high voltage can also cause the damage of the load cell. The digital load cell adopts brand-new welding manufacturing technology, which is also filled with helium gas to protect the safety of the circuit, and the protection level is very high. In order to prevent the interference of lightning surges, it adopts the reprocessing of the output voltage of the instrument to meet the power supply voltage requirements of the load cell, so that the output signal is stable and the load cell will not be damaged.


Three, exempt from calibration


The load cell is brought to the scene. Without a suitable counterweight system, it is generally difficult to calibrate. If it is not calibrated, the error will be very large. Since the analog load cell has losses during the on-site connection process, it must be calibrated on-site. The digital load cell can save this job because it has been calibrated with a standard dynamometer in production, and its output corresponds to the standard value. Since it basically has no loss in transmission engineering, the value read is the actual measured value, so it can omit the calibration link.


Four, can work without interruption


The digital load cell has a fault reporting function. Once a fault occurs, it will output a signal to the instrument. When the instrument receives the signal, it can discard its value and automatically start the uninterrupted work mode. A certain accuracy can still be guaranteed, and the user can know at any time. Which load cell needs to be replaced will not cause production stagnation. However, the analog load cell cannot meet this requirement. Once it fails, it will cause production downtime and affect the efficiency of the factory.


5. Convenient maintenance, low overall cost of use


The digital load cell is connected to the cable with a standard plug, which not only guarantees the protection level, but also is very convenient to replace the load cell or cable. At the same time, because of its digital output, it is not affected by the length of the cable. The temperature compensation of the analog load cell is the same as the cable. If the cable is damaged, it will cause errors if it is connected randomly. Therefore, many load cells are connected with the cable. When replacing it, it needs to be re-threaded, which is very inconvenient to use. Although digital load cells have more circuit boards than analog load cells, there is no need to calibrate during use, the debugging time will be greatly reduced, the reliability is higher, and it also has a self-diagnosis function. For some units whose production cannot be stopped, it can also guarantee Uninterrupted work saves production costs, so in general, the overall cost of its use is lower than that of analog load cells.


Advantages and maintenance of digital load cell


Digital load cell use and maintenance

The analog load cell is connected to the cable for temperature compensation during production, so that the temperature effect of the cable resistance can be eliminated. If the analog load cell cable is damaged and connected randomly, it will cause measurement errors. Therefore, when the distance is long, the load cell needs to be customized. It is necessary to re-thread when replacing the load cell, which is very inconvenient in actual use.


The digital load cell uses the military standard aviation plug, which not only guarantees the IP68 protection level, but also makes the load cell and the cable become two independent devices. It is more convenient to replace the load cell or the cable, and there is no need to wear the cable. Since it is a digital signal that is transmitted, the length of the cable can be changed as needed without affecting the measurement accuracy. When the digital load cell is replaced, only the relevant parameters need to be input to the new load cell, and there is no need to recalibrate the system.


The overall system cost is low


From the point of view of system cost, although the digital load cell adds a circuit board, the digital load cell reduces the debugging and application cost in the application (such as convenient debugging angle difference), can be freely calibrated, and replace the load cell without re-calibration, etc. Moreover, the functions of self-diagnosis and uninterrupted operation of the digital load cell improve the reliability of the system and reduce the downtime. Therefore, the overall cost of the system is lower than that of an analog load cell system.


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