November 2, 2021

Application of Load Cell in Food Packaging Production Line

Case background: A new production line in the production facility of a large meat processing plant for grading, weighing and packaging frozen semi-finished products in duck meat.
Meat food grading
Purpose: To form the target weight of the two product units (duck breast and duck leg) for subsequent packaging by thermocouples.
Equipment and steps:
▲Conveyor scale with classifier
▲Semi-automatic linear combination weighing machine
▲Conveyor belt
▲Open the conveyor belt to set the gap between products
▲A stepped z-conveyor belt that moves the product from the weigher to the thermal precursor
▲Product unloader to operator
Production line output: 18-20 parts/minute (maximum 25 parts)
Principle of operation:
Conveyor scale with classifier. The duck (duck breast or duck leg) is manually placed on the conveyor belt together with the unit (one piece for each unit). The conveyor provides the necessary clearance between the products so that the products can be accurately weighed by the conveyor belt scale. When the product pieces pass through the conveyor belt scale, they are weighed and graded into four points according to the specified tolerances. The part that does not match the score set by the product directly enters the feeding belt of the semi-automatic combination weighing machine model through the conveyor belt scale, and the weight reaches the required weight of the two product components, so as to further vacuum packaging or leather packaging of the product.
Semi-automatic linear combination weighing machine:
The operator loads the product pieces onto the empty weighing pallet. The product is weighed and the weighing tray drops the amount to the storage tray by turning over. The value of the piece weight in the storage tray is stored in the controller. Then, after the storage tray is loaded, the controller selects the product weight combination closest to the set weight from the twelve storage trays. The shutters of the combined storage tray are opened, and the product dose is discharged on the takeaway conveyor belt. This product consists of two duck breasts or duck legs. In addition, the product is also communicated to thermocouples.

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