July 3, 2022

Digital truck scale

Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd digital truck scale solution:


The industries that can be applied in the truck scale / weighbridge unattended weighing system include power industry, chemical industry, building materials industry, cement industry, coal coking industry, petrochemical industry, food industry, etc.


The main functions of Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd unattended management system are as follows:


Functions of device server


The device server is equipped with high-performance workstation computer and installed with equipment management software and large-scale database software.It mainly realizes the following functions:


1: Networking function: the device server communicates with intelligent self-service terminal, LED large screen, voice system, IC card system, license plate recognition system, environmental camera system, infrared anti-jamming and gateway system through industrial Ethernet to realize high-speed data transmission;


2: Equipment management function: after the equipment server is connected with the field equipment, the parameters of the equipment can be set and managed remotely;


3: Data storage function: in addition to collecting real-time data of each equipment, the equipment management software of equipment server stores corresponding data into the database according to the operation flow of each step to form data report. The equipment server is equipped with large capacity hard disk, and the stored data can be saved for a long time;


4: External data interface function: the database software installed on the equipment server can provide data interface for MIS and ERP system, and provide diverse and complete data for the third-party management system.

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