May 20, 2022

Failure and treatment of unattended truck scale

Failure and treatment of unattended truck scale


Common faults and treatment methods of unattended truck scale:




1: Weighing error fault


This is a common fault of the weighbridge. The fault shows that the weight is too light or too heavy. The most likely cause of the failure is the sensor damage. The simple way to check which sensor is damaged is to enter the four corner adjustment interface through the DIS 2116 instrument operation panel, and use the truck scale to full scale Test each sensor one by one with more than 5% weight, and then compare the data measured by each sensor. If it is found that which sensor has a large error with the data measured by other sensors, which sensor may be the fault point. Replace the sensor and solve the fault.




2: Weighing display flashing fault


The weighing display flickered on the weighbridge, and it was preliminarily judged that there was a problem in the communication data line transmission. Communication data line includes data line between sensor and junction box, data line inside junction box and data bus between junction box and DIS 2116 instrument. At this time, we can check the error code of the instrument to preliminarily determine which data line has the problem. If only one way of data transmission reports an error code, it may be that there is a problem with the data line between the sensor and the junction box; if multiple ways of data report an error code, then the junction box or data bus is likely to have a problem, and then you can find the crux of the problem by replacing the junction box and the data bus. The problem is solved by replacing the faulty data line.




3: The computer software weighing system can not read the weight normally, and OTN flashes


The fault of weighbridge is usually due to improper clearing operation. It should be ensured when clearing normally


DIS 2116 instrument is in gross mode, then press F4—F4—F3—F4 to clear. Only in the above mode can manual reset be carried out. If the computer software weighing system fails to read the weight normally and OTN flashes, the status on the instrument panel should display net mode (net weight). Press F4—F4—F3—F4 to switch to the gross mode, and then reset. The fault can be solved.




4: No display in computer software weighing system


There is no weighing display in the computer software weighing system, which belongs to communication failure. It usually occurs in the communication port of the computer or the communication port of the DIS 2116 instrument. We can use the serial port test method to check which port has the problem. If there is no problem with the ports of both sides after testing, it is likely that there is a problem with the internal setting of DIS 2116 instrument. If the weighing system of computer software shows that the data collected by weighing is slow, you can check the communication in the instrument settings EXT.DISPLAY (COM4) – pause, which can change the data transmission time, such as 10ms, 20ms, 50ms or At this time, we will find that there is a weighing weight display on the computer software weighing system, but the speed is different with the change of transmission time. Next, you can set a reasonable value according to your own transmission needs, the transmission speed is moderate, and the fault is solved.

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