February 18, 2022

How to choose a load cell

The load cell is a typical sensor. The principle of the load cell is a device that converts the quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output. According to the conversion method, the load cell is divided into 8 categories: photoelectric type, hydraulic type, electromagnetic force type, Capacitance type, magnetic pole change form, vibration type, gyroscope and resistance strain type, of which the most widely used is the resistance strain type load cell.



The load cell is actually a signal output device that converts the quality signal into a measurable signal. When using the load cell, you must first consider the actual working environment where the load cell is located. This is very important for the correct selection of the load cell. Whether the load cell works normally is related to safety.



In the era of rapid industrialization, all walks of life require strict quality control. At this time, load cells play a very important role. Therefore, when we choose load cells, we must consider many factors, such as: Range, sensitivity, maximum index number, minimum verification index value, accuracy, etc. These are the indicators that we must consider when choosing a load cell. The following edits will give you a detailed introduction on how to choose a load cell!


  1. Sensitivity


The higher the sensitivity of the load cell, the better, but the higher the load cell sensitivity, the greater the influence of the outside world on it, and noise will interfere with the signal transmission of the load cell, so try to choose a load cell with anti-noise performance.


  1. Accuracy


Accuracy is a more important link in the weighing system, but accuracy is often proportional to the price. We don’t need to choose a weighing sensor with too high accuracy, as long as it meets the output requirements of our weighing instrument, it is recommended to reach the C3 level. Load cell to avoid unnecessary costs.


  1. Stability


Can the load cell continue to work normally after long-term use? If the stability of the load cell is higher, its service life will be longer. Therefore, when choosing a load cell, we should try our best to choose a load cell with good stability.


Four. Scope


When choosing a load cell, we should consider the actual measurement range of the load cell. The type of weighing object plus the scale body should be 70% of the total range of the load cell, and the principle of balance should be followed.



Weighing sensors are mainly used in various electronic scales, industrial control fields, online control, installation of overload alarms, material testing machines and other fields, such as: electronic truck scales, electronic platform scales, electronic forklifts, moving axle weighing scales, electronic hooks Scales, electronic pricing scales, electronic steel scales, electronic rail scales, hopper scales, batching scales, filling scales, etc.

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