December 31, 2021

How to classify crane scale load cells

We all know that the load cell is the core component of the electronic crane scale. The load cell is like the “heart” of the electronic scale. Its accuracy and stability directly affect the performance of the electronic scale. So what is a load cell? Generally speaking, we call the device or device that can sense the prescribed measurement and convert it into a usable output signal according to a certain rule as a load cell. There are many types of load cells, which can be divided into multiple load cells according to different classification methods. Generally speaking, we They are classified according to their use, working principle, output signal, material and manufacturing industry.


Electronic crane scale load cell classification method


1. load cells are classified according to their use:


Pressure sensitive and force sensitive load cells, position load cells, speed load cells, acceleration load cells, radiation load cells, thermal load cells, 24GHz radar load cells


2. load cells are classified according to their principles:


Vibration load cell, humidity load cell, magnetic load cell, gas load cell, vacuum load cell, biological load cell, etc.


3. Electronic crane scale load cells are classified according to their output signals:


Analog load cell, digital load cell, fake digital load cell, switch load cell


4. load cells are classified according to their materials:


(1) According to the types of materials used: metals, polymers, ceramics, mixtures


(2) According to the physical properties of the material: conductor, insulator, semiconductor, magnetic material


(3) According to the crystal structure of the material: single crystal, polycrystalline, and amorphous materials


5. load cells are classified according to their manufacturing process:


Integrated load cell, thin film load cell, thick film load cell, ceramic load cell


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