May 20, 2022

Installation and maintenance of unattended truck scale and weighbridge

A good electronic weighbridge is well installed and will not be worn out in future use. Only when it is maintained can it have a long service life. In the mid-1980s, with the development of high-precision load cell technology, mechanical weighbridge is gradually replaced by electronic weighbridge with high precision, good stability and convenient operation. According to the scale structure, electronic weighbridge can be divided into: U-shaped steel electronic weighbridge, channel steel electronic weighbridge, I-beam electronic Weighbridge and reinforced concrete electronic weighbridge; according to the sensor, it can be divided into digital electronic weighbridge, analog electronic Weighbridge and full electronic weighbridge; electronic weighbridge, commonly known as electronic scale, is also one of the most popular ones.


General knowledge of electronic weighbridge installation and maintenance:


  1. The standard configuration of electronic weighbridge is mainly composed of three main parts: load-bearing transmission mechanism (scale body), high-precision weighing sensor and weighing display instrument;


  1. Foundation: first of all, there should be a relatively spacious site to ensure that the foundation has a large bearing capacity, and the structure of the foundation should be constructed in combination with the drawings provided by the weighbridge manufacturer.


  1. In the process of using, we should avoid the wronguse methods, such as weighing the car from the side, too fast and so on.


According to the requirements of different users, Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd can install printer, large screen display and computer management system to meet the needs of higher level data management and transmission.





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