July 6, 2022

Maintenance of truck scale

1: The small ton loading display is normal. When it is close to half of the scale capacity, the weighing value display suddenly increases. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the small gap between the longitudinal limit bolt and the top plate. When the load increases, the longitudinal bolt butts the top plate, resulting in the direction finding jacking force, which suddenly increases the display value.


2: Small ton loading is normal. When the load increases, the displayed value decreases obviously. This phenomenon may be due to the contact between the protective cover of the load cell and the scale platform or the improper adjustment of the load limiting device of the load cell, so that the weight is not completely added to the load cell.


3: There are heavy objects on the platform, but the display is still “zero”. The possible reasons are as follows:


The function key of the weighing display controller is used incorrectly and is not in the weighing display state. Maybe the total output line of the load cell does not contact with the connector of the load display sensor.


4: The shaking of the platform is not flexible, and the ballast is inconsistent with the display. There is filler in the gap between the scale body and the slope protection (or between the scale pits), which makes the scale platform connected with the ramp (or pit body) and affects the weighing.


5: After loading, the display value is much lower than the load value. Generally, the excitation power supply of the load cell fails.


6: After power on, the display flickers a fixed font, and does not measure. Generally, the output signal of the weighing sensor is short circuited with the shielding layer, which causes the weighing display controller to input a large signal and cause overload. The resistance value between the sensor and the shielding layer and between the sensor and the ground wire can be measured with a multimeter to find out the short circuit and eliminate it.


7: The printer does not work. Maybe the printer connector is not good.

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