July 22, 2022

Maintenance of Unattended Truck Scale and Weighbridge

Maintenance of Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd unattended truck scale and weighbridge:




There are nine possible problems when the weight list cannot be printed


1: First of all, you should select the corresponding printer connected with the current instrument in the instrument print settings, and select the parameters (instrument instruction). Generally, the printer model classification will be supported in the instrument print parameters;


2: If the weighing software is installed, the printer is connected with the computer, and the relevant settings are carried out in the computer;


3: Take Panasonic printer as an example, when the weighing instrument is connected with Panasonic 1121, when the on-line indicator light on the 1121 panel is on, it means that the on-line is normal. If it is not on, you can press the button corresponding to the on-line indicator light to switch to the on-line mode;


4: The time and date of the instrument should be set correctly. If the time and date of the instrument itself are not set normally, it will also lead to the failure of printing. After the setting is correct, the previous printing and storage records should be cleared. For example, the method of clearing records must be carried out when the calibration switch is turned off;


5: The printer prints normally, but when the printed paper is white, then check the ribbon and replace the ribbon;


6: There are many cases that the printer does not run paper. It may be that the meter is full and the printer is stuck. Adjust the file to see if the printer’s connecting line is in poor contact;


7: If the computer software can’t print out the list, check whether the driver is installed normally. If the USB printer is installed on the computer, try not to pull out the plug casually, because the computer will go to the USB you installed at that time by default. If you change the plug, the computer will go to the USB and can’t find it, it will print wrong. At this time, you need to re install the driver or set up the print port ;


8: The weighing software can have two choices: default weighing list and custom weighing list. If you select the custom weight list, but because of the problem of reloading, the custom weight list file is lost, you may also print wrong.

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