July 18, 2022

Portable static axle load scale

Portable axle load scales are used in places that are not allowed by the fixed truck scale environment, frequently mobile weighing environments, highway overload inspections, factory shipments are self-checked, mining ore raw materials, construction site yellow sand cement and other low value-added products are weighed For metering, the portable car scale is your ideal choice.




Multiple seal protection, waterproof and moisture-proof design, to ensure normal detection in rainy weather, light weight, easy to carry, high precision, good repeatability, and small horizontal consistency error.


With high-strength cable protection spring, it is not afraid of car wheels being crushed, and the waist-shaped hole handle design will never be damaged. The cable signal plug is imported quality, and is it protected by a high-strength protective cover waterproof and sealed to ensure that it will not be crushed and waterproof.


The double anti-skid pattern design on the surface of the high-quality rubber leading slope is exquisite and beautiful in workmanship, sturdy and durable. The dovetail connection with the platform is adopted to avoid the separation of the platform and the leading slope.


The platform is made of ultra-high-strength aviation aluminum alloy, and the outer surface of the platform is made of high-quality military aluminum oxidation treatment, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and the integral structure has a fast dynamic signal response speed and high frequency.




Ultra-thin and super-strong aluminum alloy structure inspection table, light weight and convenient to carry;


Box-type detection instrument, AC and DC dual purpose, battery power supply time up to 40 hours, display and print integration, and can automatically shut down;


Different working modes can be selected according to different usage conditions: traffic police mode, road administration mode and seven ministries mode;


It can perform static and dynamic detection, fast and accurate;


Automatically determine whether the limit is exceeded, and automatically print a complete inspection voucher;


The monitoring data can be stored as needed (up to 1300 vehicle inspection records can be stored after expansion), which is convenient for recalling historical inspection data;


Full Chinese characters display, user-friendly interface, you can easily enter the complete vehicle number including the name of the province and city, and you can enter the name of the inspection unit and the inspector;


Backlit dot matrix liquid crystal display, can be operated clearly at night, can work independently when testing a package, and can also transmit testing data to the computer.

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