3 multiaxial load cell ati force sensor

3 multiaxial load cell ati force sensor

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3 multiaxial load cell ati force sensor


Multiaxial Sensor

multiaxial load cell sensor

◎Compression & Torque Biaxial Sensor;

◎Interference errors of each signal is small;

◎Low profile,easy to install;

◎Dimension could be Customized;



ati force sensor

Cap.(kN/N.m) A B
10/300,20/500, 30/700 25 23
50/1000 30 28

Load Direction:

3 axis load cell multi axis force sensor

Technical Parameter:

Technical Parameter:

Rated Load(N/N.m): F: 10/20/30/50kN
M: 300/500/700/1000N.m
Rated output: 1.0±10%mV/V Output impedance: 700±10Ω
Zero balance: ±2%F.S. Insulation: ≥5000MΩ/100VDC
Non-linearity: 0.1%F.S. Recommended excitation: 5~15V
Hysteresis: 0.1%F.S. Maximum excitation: 20V
Repeatability: 0.1%F.S. Compensated temp range: -10~40℃
Creep(30min): 0.2%F.S. Operation temp range: -20~75℃
Temp.effect on output: 0.05%F.S. Safe overload: 150%F.S.
Temp.effect on zero: 0.05%F.S./10℃ Ultimate overload: 200%F.S.
Input impedance: 780±20Ω Weight approx. 0.6kg




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