3t S Load Cell Stainless S Type S tension Test Equipment Load Cell

3t S Load Cell Stainless S Type S tension Test Equipment Load Cell

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3t S Load Cell Stainless S Type S tension Test Equipment Load Cell

Dillon Z Tension Load Cell

Dimension:Unit: mm

Z Tension Load Cell

Cap/Size A B C H T
20~150kg 70 12 76 64 M8
200~500kg 70 20 76 64 M12
0.75~1t 70 25 76 64 M12
1.5~5t 90 32 95 90 M20
7.5~10t 90 40 95 90 M24

Product Characteristics:

The LC201 S-Type Tension Load Cell (also S-Beam Load Cell) is available with maximum capacities ranging from 20 kg to 10t. Due to its design this S Load Cell permits convenient weighing of suspended tanks or use in conveyor, batching or hybrid scales. The main field of applications is in gravimetric level measurement. Hermetic encapsulation ensures the IP67/IP68 degree of protection. Applications in the chemical industry or mills are also possible with the optionally available versions.

Technical Parameter:

Rated Load: 20/100/200/300/500/750kg/1/2/3/5/10t
Sensitivity: (2.0±0.1%) mV/V Operating Temp.Range: -30~+70℃
Combined Error: ±0.03% F.S Maximum Safe Over Load: 150%F.S
Creep Error (30min): ±0.03% F.S Ultimate Over Load: 200%F.S
Zero Balance: ±1% F.S Recommend Excitation Vol.: 10~12V DC
Temp. Effect On Zero: ±0.05% F.S/10℃ Maximum Excitation Vol.: 15V DC
Temp. Effect On Span: ±0.05% F.S/10℃ Sealing Class: IP67
Input Resistance: 385±5Ω Element Material: Alloy /Stainless Steel
Output Resistance: 350±2Ω Cable: Length=L:3m
Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ Citation: GB/T7551-2008/ OIML R60
Mode Of Connection: Red(Input+),Black(Input-),Green(Output+),White(Output-)

S & Z beam style load cells

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