Amplifier Measuring amplifier for web tension sensors Load Cell

Amplifier Measuring amplifier for web tension sensors Load Cell

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Tension Sensor

Tension Control Measuring Amplifiers

TAmplifier01 advanced SMT production, small, high resolution, high speed, two levels of active filter function, low power consumption, super wide working voltage, multiple output forms to choose from, at the same time provide two lines of output optional, suitable for all kinds of resistance strain sensor output signal transmitting, zero calibration and gain are independent of each other. Widely used in industrial process control system of the tension signal transmitting for the standard of high precision analog signal output;

Dimension: Unit: mm
Tension Measuring Amplifiers
Amplifiers for sensors

Technical Parameter:


Working power supply: DC10-33V Operating Temp. Range: -30~+70℃
Power consumption: MAX 3W Working humidity Range: <90%R.H.
Sensor Form: Strain Tension Sensor Sensor excitation power supply: 10VDC±1%/100mA
Accuracy: 1/6500 Linearity: <0.005%
Temperature coefficient ±25ppm/°C Output: 5mvpp
Dimension: 75×75×55mm Zero adjustable range: 0~20mV
Weight: 125g Range adjustable range: 2-30mV


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