Column Type multi-column compression load sensor

Column Cylinder Type multi-column compression load sensor

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Column Type multi-column compression load sensor


Compression Load Cell

Column Cylinder Type multi-column compression load sensor


Dimension Unit:mm:

Steering Column Load cell

Cap./Size H D1 D2 D3
7.5~22.5t 150 68 46 148
30~40t 200 85 64 165
50t 238 85 64 165
150t 270 156 135 236


Product Description:

The type LC418M1 is a stainless steel self centering rocker compression load cell with complete hermetic sealing. It is a perfect fit for use in harsh industrial environments. Application for Weighbridges, hoppers, tanks and silos scale, explosion-proof truck scale, weighbridge, weighing systems.


Technical parameter:

Rated Load: 7.5/15/22.5/30/40/50/100/150/300t
Sensitivity: (3.0±0.1%) mV/V Operating Tem. Range: -30~+70℃
Combined Error: ±0.05% F.S Max. Safe Over Load: 150%F.S
Creep Error(30min): ±0.02% F.S Ultimate Over Load: 250%F.S
Zero Balance: ±1% F.S Recommend Excitation: 10~12V DC
Temp. Effect On Zero: ±0.017% F.S/10℃ Maximum Excitation: 15V DC
Temp. Effect On Span: ±0.017% F.S/10℃ Sealing Class: IP67/IP68
Input Resistance: 750±5Ω Element Material: -A: Alloy Steel, -SS: Stainless Steel
Output Resistance: 702±2Ω Cable: Length=12m(7.5~22.5t), 18m(30~300t)
Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ Citation: GB/T7551-2008/ OIML R60
Mode Of Connection: Red(Input+),Black(Input-),Green(Output+),White(Output-)
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