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Control Web Tension sensor Controllers

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Force Measuring Load Cells Tension Sensor


Tension Sensor

Tension sensor Control

Automatic tension controller TCN001 is a new generation of closed-loop tension controller specially designed for coil production and processing system which requires high precision of tension control. At the same time, it can form an automatic tension control system with stable control performance, abundant functions and high reliability by using “Anyou” series of high precision tension sensors.


Product Characteristics:

◎Accept a variety of feedback: tension sensor, ultrasonic diameter measurement, potentiometer, speedometer, etc.

◎It has a high degree of integration: it integrates several common tension control modes into a board, and makes specific control on different modes and different workstations in each mode by software, so that users can make corresponding settings according to actual workstations.

◎High accuracy and reliability: In software aspect, the advanced and mature control theory and mathematical model in modern industrial control are fully used for reference, and a large number of long-term optimization tests are made on test equipment and factory site to ensure the high efficiency and high accuracy of software operation.

◎Modularization:The control and power modules are processed separately in hardware, and the power can reach up to 60VDC/5A, which greatly improves the reliability, maintainability and EMC of the system.

Tension Controllers

Technical Parameter:

◎High speed and high integration 32-bit MCU and 16-bit dual-channel A/D are adopted;

◎Double MCU structure is adopted to separate man-machine interface management from main control management;

◎Hardware modularization, which separates the control and power parts, improves the reliability, maintainability and electromagnetic compatibility of the system;

◎PWM modulation driving signal has superior and stable performance;

◎High driving power, rated power up to 60VDC/5A;

◎Four control modes are integrated: tension sensor feedback;

◎Floating roll position feedback;

◎Feedback of ultrasonic diameter measurement;

◎Circle counting (winding algorithm/speed feedback);

◎Dual-axis control, built-in rich axle-cutting control, non-disturbance switching, acceleration and deceleration, alarm and other functions;

◎Open software function and superior man-machine interface technology make it easy for users to adjust parameters;

◎Use password management function to ensure the security of setting parameters and avoid misoperation;

◎Terminal connection is adopted for the connection, which is convenient and reliable;

◎Metal sealed shell, strong and beautiful, dust-proof and electromagnetic interference-proof;



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