Differential Pressure Transmitters Stand-Alone Transducer

Differential Pressure Transmitters Stand-Alone Transducer

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Differential Pressure Transmitters Stand-Alone Transducer


PT04 Differential Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Sensors For Dynamic Pressure


Model PT04 differential pressure transmitters using imported diffusion silicon core body specially designed for measuring small range differential pressure has the very good stability and reliability. High precision better shock pressure suitable for measuring various compatible with 316 stainless steel in the medium. By changing the way of pressure connection can easily measure the negative pressure by selecting the pressure composite measuring method can measure the bidirectional composite pressure. Due to the unique double core technology reverse overload stress level has been greatly enhanced small size high cost performance.



◎Small volume light weight; Pressure overload is stronger;

◎Suitable for all kinds of compatible with 316 stainless steel liquid and gas.


PT04 External Thread PT04 Internal Thread
Stand-Alone Pressure Sensor Liquid Pressure Sensor


Technical Data:

Measuring Medium Compatible with 316 stainless steel liquidgas or steam
Measuring Range -100~0~500Kpa differential pressure
Work Pressure 0-35 mpa
Power Supply 12~36VDC
Output Signal 4~20ma; 0~5V;1~5V;0~10V;0~20ma etc ;

4~20ma+HART optional

Power Supply 9~30VDC
Output Signal 4~20ma;0~5V;1~5V; 0~10V etc ;

4~20ma+HART optional

Accuracy ±0.5%FS;±0.25%FS optional
Temperature Coefficient Of Zero ±0.2%FS/10℃
Temperature Coefficient Of Span ±0.2%FS/10℃
Compensated Temperature Range 0~70℃;-20~85℃(optional)
Operating Temperature Range -40~85℃;-40~120℃(optional)
Insulation Resistance ≥500MΩ
Load Resistance For Current Loop ≥[(vs-6.5V)/0.02A]Ω
Mechanical Interface M14×1.5; G1/4; ZG1/4;special thread can be customized
Electrical Interface DIN,DIN with digital display,aviation plug,spring direct,polyurethane sheath,2088 etc  optional
Life Time ≥5million times cycles
Long-Term Stability ≤±0.25%FS/year


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