Industrial Flush Diaphragm Transmitters Pressure Transducers

Industrial Flush Diaphragm Transmitters Pressure Transducers

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Industrial Flush Diaphragm Transmitters Pressure Transducers


PT03 Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Transducers and Sensors


Model PT03 pressure transmitters with flush diaphragm foil strain gauge with high precision no cavity measuring diaphragm especially suitable for measuring the viscosity of the liquid. The product installation structure was optimized by using the improved makes the product has a good ability to resist vibration. Match with a variety of amplifier circuit with distinctive features such as anti-jamming high temperature resistant safety explosion-proof type etc. make the type is suitable for oil food and other measuring control occasions.



◎No cavity measuring diaphragm used for measuring the viscous liquid;

◎Improve optimization of the structure of circuit and installation improve the shock resistance and stability;

◎Optional waterproof direct connection.


Technical Data:

Measuring Medium Compatible With 17-4 Ph Stainless Steel Of Gas And Liquid
Measuring Range -100Kpa~0~10Kpa…150Mpa
Pressure References Gauge
Proof Pressure 135%FS(Range≤15Mpa); 120%FS(Range≥15Mpa)
Burst Pressure 200%FS(Range≤15Mpa); 150%FS(Range≥15Mpa)
Power Supply 9~30VDC
Output Signal 4~20ma;0~5V;1~5V;0~10VEtc; 4~20ma+HART Optional
Accuracy ±0.5%FS;±0.25%FS Optional
Temperature Coefficient Of Zero ±0.2%FS/10℃
Temperature Coefficient Of Span ±0.2%FS/10℃
Compensated Temperature Range 0~70℃;-20~85℃(Optional)
Operating Temperature Range -40~85℃;-40~120℃(Optional)
Insulation Resistance ≥500MΩ
Load Resistance For Current Loop ≥[(Vs-6.5V)/0.02A]Ω
Mechanical Interface M20×1.5; NPT1/2; Special Thread Can Be Customized
Electrical Interface DIN,DIN With Digital Display,Aviation Plug,Spring Direct,Polyurethane Sheath,2088 Etc  Optional
Life Time ≥5million Times Cycles
Long-Term Stability ≤±0.25%FS/Year



PT03-1 Flush Diaphragm


PT03-2 Flush Diaphragm


PT03-3 quasi homogeneous film

(suitable for small scale)

Oil Pressure Sensors Transducers Sensors Pressure Transducer Sensor

Industrial Pressure Transducers

Installation schematic (for reference) , thread the front seal

Installation Suggestion:

(1)This product can use M20 x 1.5 interface directly installed on the pipeline (or the container wall), thread the front-end when installation should add copper pad or nylon washer for front end face seal. And, without cavity pressure transmitter thread front end flat membrane sensing head can not touch installation part of the front and side wall. Otherwise it will affect the performance of the pressure transmitter.

(2)Should be used when measuring high temperature medium, pressure pipe or other cooling device, the temperature dropped to pressure transmitter using temperature range.

(3)When the outdoor installation, should try to put the transmitter in ventilated, dry place, avoid bright lights direct illuminate and wet, otherwise will make the performance variation or malfunction.

(4)If the transmitter output or output exception found after installation, please check:

1):Electrical connections are accurate, whether the firm;

2):Whether the power supply voltage is too low and the load resistance is too large.


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