Inline Torque Transducer Rotary Torque Sensor

Inline Torque Transducer Rotary Torque Sensor

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Inline Torque Transducer Rotary Torque Sensor


Inline Torque Transducer

Inline Torque Transducer Rotary Torque Sensor


◎T8 series torque sensor is a typical structure of non-contact torque sensor, the output signal of non contact mode, the high frequency part of the signal is filtered by the detection circuit, only the torque signal is amplified. Non contact torque sensor due to the use of the non contact work, and long service life, high reliability, less susceptible to wear, less delay, deflection and axial offset axis impact smaller, now has been widely used in cars and light vehicles, is the mainstream product of EPS sensor.

◎The internal use of unique non-contact mode wireless transmission torque signal output.

◎With good stability, high precision, good reliability and long life.

◎Can measure dynamic torque, static torque; measurement of torque signal output.

◎Do not need to repeatedly adjust the zero position to continuously measure the positive and negative torque signal.

◎Signal using digital technology, strong anti-interference.

VNo slip ring wear parts, high speed can run for a long time

◎The measuring precision of torque is independent of the rotation speed and direction.

◎Measurable positive and negative torque.

◎Small size, light weight, easy to install, can be any location, any direction of installation.


Working Principle:

Non contact type torque sensor, the input shaft and the output shaft connected by the torsion bar, input spline shaft, output shaft with keyway. When the torsion bar by the rotation of the steering wheel torque twist, the relative position between the input shaft and the output shaft of the spline keyway is changed. The amount of relative displacement and torsion spline keyway variable is equal to the torsion bar, the spline on magnetic induction intensity changes, changes in the strength of a magnetic field, through the coil into a voltage signal.


Application Range:

◎Output torque and power of rotating power equipment such as electric motors, internal combustion engines, etc..

◎Transfer of load torque and input power generator, fan, pump, mixer, reducer, gearbox, hoist, propeller, drilling machinery and other equipment.

◎Transfer the torque in the process of machining center and automatic machine tool.

◎Transmission torque and efficiency of all kinds of rotating power system.

◎Can be used in the manufacture of viscometer.



torque sensor transducer


Measuring Range 0.1/0.2/0.5/1.0/2.0/5.0NM Signal Torque signal
Torque Precision ± 0. 5 % F · S Use Temperature -1 0~5 0 ℃
Response Frequency 100 μ s Storage Temperature -20~70 ℃
Nonlinear ± 0. 3 % F · S Supply Voltage  ± 15V ± 5 %
Zero Temperature Drift ± 0. 3 % F · S Load Current <10mA
Insulation Resistance >500M Ω Relative Humidity ≤95%RH
Static Overload 150% Suitable Speed 10000RPM/Min

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