Micro Weight Sensor Computing Load Cell Low Cost Micro Force Sensor

Micro Weight Sensor Computing Load Cell Low Cost Micro Force Sensor

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Micro Weight Sensor Computing Load Cell Low Cost Micro Force Sensor
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SensorWorld Single Point Load Cells have been designed such that their excellent mechanical and measurement properties can be optimally used in a wide range of applications. A Single Point Load Cells is also called Platform Load Cell.
Advantages of SensorWorld Single Point Load Cells / Platform Load Cells:
Quick to install thanks to off-center load compensation at the factory (per OIML R60),and only one unit is sufficient to build up a scale.
Model MiNi053 load cells are designed to this “single point”type and manufactured from high quality stainless steel of aviation standard. MiNi053 load cells can be used to measure loads range from 20lb to 100lb with the measuring accuracy of 0.03% R.O.( R.O.=Rated Output)
MiNi053 load cells are mainly used for price computing scales,counting scales,weighing scales,retail scales,bench scales,platform scales and packing machinerys.

◎Parellel bending beam
◎Recommended platform size:200*200MM
◎Stainless steel
◎Environment protection class:IP67

◎Price computing scales
◎Counting scales
◎Weighing scales
◎Retail scales
◎Bench scales
◎Platform scales
◎Packing machinerys

Technical Data:

Model MiNi053 Excitation,Recommended 5-12VDC
Rated Capacity 20/30/50/100lb Excitation,Maximum 18VDC
Accuracy Class G Operating Temp.Range -20-+60℃
Rated Output 2.0±0.25%mV/V Safe Overload 150%R.C.
Zero Balance ±2%R.O. Ultimate Overload 200%R.C.
Input Resistance 405±10Ω  Insulation Resistance ≥5000MΩ(50VDC)
Output Resistance 350±3Ω Cable,Length ø6mm×3m *
Linearlty Error ±0.015%R.O. Protection Class IP67
Repeatability Error ±0.01%R.O. Temp.Effect on Output ±0.02%R.O./10℃
Hysteresis Error ±0.01%R.O. Temp.Effect on Zero ±0.02%R.O./10℃
Creep in 30 Min. ±0.02%R.O. Compensated Temp.Range -10-+40℃
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