Mine Pressure Transmitter High temperature melt pressure sensor

Mine Pressure Transmitter High temperature melt pressure sensor

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Mine Pressure Transmitter High temperature melt pressure sensor


PT12 Mine Pressure Transmitter

PT12 Mine Pressure Transmitter


The mine pressure transmitter adopts full stainless steel structure design which has low voltage low power consumption high accuracy easy installation and use and is suitable for battery power supply standard signal output. This product has two kinds of user selection. This product has been used in the coal mine hydraulic support monitoring system.



◎Low power supply (3~5VDC),low power consumption (≤1.5mA);

◎Integrated structure design safe conduct;

◎KJ10 quick fitting.


PT12 Mine Pressure Transmitter

Technical Data:

Measuring Ranges 0~60MPa; 0~80MPa; 0~100MPa;
Pressure References gauge
Output Signal 0.25~2.25V; Customizable
Excitation 3~5VDC
Consumption Current ≤1.5mA
Accuracy ±0.5%FS;±0.25%FS
Overload Pressure 200%
Measuring Ranges -20~80℃
Temperature Drift <±0.15%FS/10℃
Insulation Resistance >500MΩ/500VDC
Current <1.5mA
Shell Material 304 SS
Pressure Medium gases or dilute fluids
Pressure References quick fitting  KJ10、DN10
Electrical Interface Coal mine dedicated signal cable 6 meters (external);

straight wire 0.3 meters (built in)

Protection IP67
Long-Term Stability < ±0.25%FS/year



PT12 Built-in PT12 External
Industrial Silicon Pressure Sensor Flat metal diaphragm for pressure sensor




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