Multi 3Axis Load Cell Force Transducer Suppliers

Multi 3Axis Load Cell Force Transducer Suppliers

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Multi 3Axis Load Cell Force Transducer Suppliers


Multi-Axis Load Cell /  3-Axis Load Cell

multi axis force sensor


Capacity: 50/100/200/200/1000/2000/3000kg~100t
Rated Output: 1.0mV/V ±0.1% Safe Temp. Range: -10ºC to + 70ºC
Zero Balance: ±2% of rated output Temp. Compensated: -10ºC to + 40ºC
Creep After 30 Minutes: ±0.5% of rated output Safe Overload: 1.5
Nonlinearity: ±0.5% of rated output Input Impedance: 387 ohm ± 20 ohm
Repeatability: ±0.5% of rated output Output Impedance: 350 ohm ± 5 ohm
Temp. Effect On Output: ≤0.02% of applied output/ºC Rated Excitation: 12V DC/AC
Temp. Effect On Zero: ≤0.02% of applied output/ºC Maximum Excitation: 15V DC/AC


Three Dimensional Force Sensor

Three dimensional force sensor is a kind of force sensor which can measure both force and torque component in two directions at the same time. The force and moment in Descartes coordinate system can be decomposed into three components.


The Advantages Of Three Dimensional Force Sensor Compared With Single Axis Force Sensor

Comparison of three dimensional force sensor and single axis force sensor, in addition to the solution of the measuring force sensitive component of monotonicity and consistency problems, but also solve the structure and the process error caused by machining dimension (axis) interference, static and dynamic calibration and vector operations in decoupling algorithm and circuit implementation etc.. We have completely solved the problem of scientific research of the multidimensional force sensor, such as structure design, elastomer mechanical properties evaluation, vector decoupling algorithm, also mastered the core technology, from the macro to the design with mechanical processing capacity of micro machine. To a full range of products covered by the two-dimensional multidimensional sensor in six dimensions, the range from a few grams to tens of tons, and obtain the elastic body structure and a number of patented technologies vector decoupling circuit.


Main Features Of Features

Three dimensional force sensor can simultaneously detect three-dimensional force information three (Fx, Fy, Fz), the control system can not only detect and control the robot gripper for the object grip, but also can detect the grasped object weight, as well as in grasping whether in the process of sliding and vibration. A three-dimensional force sensor fitted with side and top two, side mounted three-dimensional force finger force sensors are generally used for two finger robot gripper, top mounted three-dimensional finger force sensors are generally used for multi fingered robot hand.

Three dimensional force sensor is an important sensor of intelligent robot, which can simultaneously detect the full information of the three-dimensional space (Descartes coordinate system), that is, three force components and three moment components.

This product is widely used in precision assembly, automatic grinding, contour tracking, hand coordination, zero force teaching and other tasks, in the aerospace and mechanical processing, automotive and other industries have a wide range of applications.

The elastic body of the sensor adopts the patent structure, with high sensitivity, good rigidity, small coupling, and mechanical overload protection function. The synthesis of six components of the three dimensional space can be directly applied to the force control. The standard serial port and parallel port input and output. The product can not only control the computer to form a two level computer system, but also can connect the terminal to form an independent test device.

Multi-Axis Torque Sensor



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