Plug Type Pressure Cables Spark with pressure sensor

Plug Type Pressure Cables Spark with pressure sensor

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Plug Type Pressure Cables Spark with pressure sensor


Plug Type

Plug with miniature Pressure Sensor




Designed with import elastic component and advanced technics. High sensitive and good outstanding shock &vibrating tolerance ability. Applying to low corrosive medium in many industrial process . 316 stainless steel and whole sealing, low profile, compactness. They have good ability of damp-proofing and good medium compatibility.

Capacity Range:0-10-100MPa
Comprehensive Precision:0.2%FS , 0.3%FS, 0.5%FS, 1.0%FS
Output Signal: 2mV/V; 2mV/V; 2.5mV/V; 3.3mV/V;
Use Temp Range:-10~80℃-150℃
Excitation Voltage: 10V (6~12)V;
Electric Connection: 4-core plug or take-up nut
thread Connection: 1/2-20UNF or Others


EXAMPLE: PT403 – 35M – 02 – C – CW -02E – P5m
PT4 35 M 02 C CW 02E P5m
01 Models
35 Capacity(Noted by number)
M Pressure Measure( P=Ps,i B=Bar, M=MPa )
02 Output Signal( 01=1mV/V, 02=2mV/V ,03=2.5mV/V, 04=3.3mV/V )
C Precision (%FS)( A=0.1, B=0.2,C=0.3,D=0.5 )
CW Temp. Of Medium(℃)( CW=-10~80,CG=-20~125,GW=-30~150)
02E Thread Connection:( 01=M8×1 02=M10×1 03=M12×1 04=1/2-20 05=G1/4-19 06=1/4NPT 07=M14×1.5 08=M16×1.5 09=M18×1.5 10=M20×1.5 11=7/16-20UNF )
P5m Electric Connection option: ( N=4-wire shield cable P=4-pin navigate connector Q=take-up nut )


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