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Pressure Sensors & Transmitters manufacturers

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Force Measuring Load Cells Tension Sensor


Tension Sensor

Pressure Sensor vs Transducer

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Pressure Sensors & Transmitters


◆ High accuracy and high reliability.

◆ Airproofed structure with high stability

◆ Adopting high accuracy component and working in serious environment.

◆It’s suitable for precision measuring all kinds of static states or the no-crystal liquid, gas and the high capacity pressure measurement that changes very slowly, It also can be used to match record instruments or computer.



Capacity: 5/6/8/10/12/15/20MPa
Output: 0-5,1-5V Temp. Effect On Span: 0.2,0.3%FS/10℃
4-20mA Voltage: 12-30(VDC)V
Non-Linearity: 0.2,0.3%FS Temp.Compensated: -10-+50℃
Repeatability: 0.2,0.3%FS Temperature, Operating: -20-+65℃
Hysteresis: 0.2,0.3%FS Safe Overload: 120%FS
Temp. Effect On Zero: 0.2,0.3%FS/10℃ Ultimate Overload: 150%FS


◆When installing please use the flat end airproofed connector with the screw thread of M14×1.5,inside wimble is 37°(There is the screw thread of M20×1.5 for the customer to select).;

◆The medium material that meets: Stainless steel.;

◆The pressure transducers are connected with indicator through sockets.
china Universal 4-20mA pressure transmitter


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