Pressure Transmitters for Automobile Transducer Sensors

Pressure Transmitters for Automobile Transducer Sensors

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Pressure Transmitters for Automobile Transducer Sensors


PT11 Pressure Transmitters for Automobile

Pressure Transmitter


Automobile pressure sensor is using the latest production car pressure sensors sensor and transmitter circuits it makes the mass production at low cost high quality pressure transmitter is possible. Using the integration of assembly process makes the performance of the transmitter is more stable and reliable.


◎Ceramic core body packaging high quality stainless steel pressure interface
◎Improve the corrosion resistance of medium;
◎Automobile is special connector installation fast and convenient;
◎It is widely used in many industries such as automobile low and worth popularization.


Technical Data:

Measuring Medium compatible with stainless steel of gas and liquid
Measuring Range 0~1MPa
Pressure References gaugeabsolute
Proof Pressure 200%FS
Burst Pressure 300%FS
Power Supply 5VDC
Output Signal 0.5~4.5V ;
Accuracy ±0.5%FS;
Temperature Coefficient Of Zero ±0.2%FS/10℃
Temperature Coefficient Of Span ±0.2%FS/10℃
Compensated Temperature Range 0~70℃
Operating Temperature Range -20~85℃
Insulation Resistance ≥500MΩ
Mechanical Interface M12×1; M14×1.5; G1/8″; 7/16-20UNF thimble;
special thread can be customized
Electrical Interface 3 needle automobile Pack plug
Life Time ≥5million times cycles
Long-Term Stability ≤±0.15%FS/Year



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Pressure Sensors Switches Integrated Automotive Pressure Sensor Pressure Transmitters for Automobile




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