s type tension 10t 500kg 1000kg 1t-2t load cell

s type tension 10t 500kg 1000kg 1t-2t load cell

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s type tension 10t 500kg 1000kg 1t-2t load cell

S Beam Load Cell

◎Rod end load cell,s beam structure;
◎Strain gauge technology,analog output;
◎Tension and compression force measurement;
◎Widely used for testing machine,press force test,keyboard testing,auto equipment,production line,press machine.etc;
Suspended tanks and hoppers, crane scales.

s-beam load cell for crane

Cap. A Dia.B Dia.D Dia.E H L M
300~500kg 25 80 M12*1.75 77
1000kg 30 80 M12*1.75 77
2-3-5t 40 118 M24*2 13 114 86 42
10t 50 175 M30*2 21 168 110 64


Technical Data:

Capacity 300kg~10t Output Impedance 350±5Ω
Rated output 2.0 ±10% mV/V Insulation >5000MΩ/10VDC
Non-linearity ±0.5 % F.S. Recommended Excitation 5-15V
Hysteresis ±0.5% F.S. Excitation max 10V
Repeatability ±0.3% F.S. Compensated Temp Range -10~60℃
Creep(30min) ±0.3% F.S. Operating Temp Range -20~80℃
Temp Effect On Output 0.02 % F.S./10℃ Safe Load 1.2of F.S
Temp Effect On Zero 0.04% F.S./10℃  Ultimate Load Limit 1.5of F.S
Input Impedance 380±30Ω Material Alloy/Stainless steel


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