Tension and Compression hanging Load Cells Sensor

Tension and Compression hanging Load Cells Sensor

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Tension and Compression hanging Load Cells Sensor

Load Link

Tension and Compression Load Cells

Dimension:Unit: mm

tension load cell low cost

Cap/t A B C D E
1~5t 108 105 40 30 164
7.5~10t 120 105 40 38 210
25t 131 125 55 53 255
35t 147 135 55 60 305
50t 170 150 75 73 345
100t 228 220 123 100 455
150~160t 305 230 130 100 500

Product Characteristics:

GOLDSHINE making the lifting industry a safer place, are national and international market leaders in the production and supply of industrial load link load cell, dynamometers, compression & tension, systems and connected instrumentation and accessories.

Load link load cells and force sensor measurement systems manufactured by GOLDSHINE are renowned for measurement that achieves high accuracy, and is safe, reliable and stable.

Recognised by industries across the world for the design and quality of their products, GOLDSHINE also enjoys an unrivalled reputation for setting industry-standard service, fast delivery and flexibility. A dedicated team of staff at the ready for your needs and technical support.

Technical Parameter:

Rated Load: 1/2///5/7.5/10/20/30/4//50/100/150/160t
Sensitivity: (2.0±0.01%) mV/V Operating Temp. Range: -30~+70℃
Combined Error: ±0.02% F.S Maximum Safe Over Load: 150%F.S
Creep Error(30min): ±0.02% F.S Ultimate Over Load: 200%F.S
Zero Balance: ±1% F.S Recommend Excitation: 10~12 DC
Temp. Effect On Zero: ±0.02% F.S/10℃ Maximum Excitation: 15V DC
Temp. Effect On Span: ±0.02% F.S/10℃ Sealing Class: IP67/IP68
Input Resistance: 750±5Ω Element Material: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
Output Resistance: 701±2Ω Cable: Length=L:1m
Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ Citation: GB/T7551-2008/ OIML R60
Mode Of Connection: Red(Input+),Black(Input-),Green(Output+),White(Output-)


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