tension-recording sensing sensor yarn

tension-recording sensing sensor yarn

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Force Measuring Load Cells Tension Sensor


Tension Sensor

tension sensing

“An excellent” TSensor007 series of cantilevered tension sensor, using double cantilever beam with semiconductor strain gauge principle, dustproof and waterproof, anti corrosion design. The characteristics of the output signal is linear and fast response.The shape is small, and is especially suitable for the occasions of low tension roller. Due to the built-in temperature compensation device, no additional temperature compensation is required. The series of tension sensors are widely used in the tension control of winding control equipment and production line.
Dimension: Unit: mm
tension-recording sensor


Instructions for sensor installation:

◎Arrangement should ensure that the fit of drum shaft Φd and sensor aperture ΦD is clearance fit. It can’t be used for transition coordination in order to prevent the sensor from being knocked out during installation;

◎There is clearance h between the drum shaft head and the tension sensor to ensure H > 0.5mm;

◎Attention should be paid to the direction of force during installation to ensure that the direction of resultant force is aligned with the arrow direction of the sensor;

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