Weighing Sensor Core Pressure Transmitters & Transducers

Weighing Sensor Core Pressure Transmitters & Transducers

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Weighing Sensor Core Pressure Transmitters & Transducers


Weighing Sensor Core

Pressure Switches and Sensors




Designed for pressure measuring and controlling common type and civil products.
Remarks: Our products as the pictures, if the clients have special request, then we can according the drawing or request design and produce.

Capacity Range:0-10-150MPa
Comprehensive Precision0.2%FS,0.5%FS,1.0%FS
Output Signal:2mV/V;2mV/V;2.5mV/V;3.3mV/V;
Use Temp Range:-10~80℃
Excitation Voltage:10V(6~12)V;
Electric Connection: 4-color arrange wires


PT3 00 1 M 01 C Q
00 Models
1 Capacity(Noted by number)
M Pressure Measure(P=Psi,B=Bar,M=MPa)
01 Output Signal(01=1mV/V,02=2mV/V,03=2.5mV/V,04=3.3mV/V)
C Precision(%FS)(B=0.2,C=0.3,D=0.5,E=1.0)
Q Thread Connection (F=M12×1,G=M14×1.5,H=1/2-20,L=M18×1.5,M=M22×1.5,


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