wireless electronc dynamometer water loadcell

wireless electronc dynamometer water loadcell

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wireless electronc dynamometer water loadcell

Crane Load Cell Scale

Wireless Linked Type Load Cell

Building upon the ever popular and industry leading loadlink, We once again sets the bar for the digital Dynamometer market. By adding industry leading wireless capabilities to our advanced microprocessor based electronics,the radiolink plus adds flexibility and increases safety, allowing the load to be monitored from up 500t meters away.


The Wireless system providing high integrity,error free transmission of data, and is unmatched in performance,capable of providing a license free transmission range of up to 500~800 meters. The features a range of cost effective high accuracy load link load cells offering high safety factor and resolution, and a robust carry/storage case.


The standard range of the load link load cells is from 1tonnes to 10 tonnes and includes wireless load links that link to a hand held display (or a display with printer optional), load links with built in display and load links with analogue output.


Their rugged construction makes them ideal for lifting and weighing operations in the most extreme environments, including marine, offshore and onshore applications. Available with a wide variety of applications from testing and overhead weighing to bollard pulling and tug testing.


At China Industries we have over 10 years experience designing, manufacturing and supplying load cells of the highest quality. We can supply all your load cell requirements and offer expert load cell and applications advice.


View our load links range online today or contact our friendly team for specialist load cell and applications advice.


Available Options:

◎Hazardous area Zone 1 and 2;

◎Built-in-display option;

◎Available with a range of displays to suit each application;

◎Environmentally sealed to IP67 or IP68;

◎Can be used singularly or in sets;



loadcell waterproof



Cap./Ton L L1 ΦA H W
1~3t 220 170 27 59.5 34.5
5t 257 193 33 59.5 39.5
10t 298 220 36 72.5 49.5


Wireless Load Links Typical Specifications:

Rate Load: 1/3/5/10T
Proof Load: 150% of rate load Max. Safety Load: 125% F.S.
Ultimate Load: 400% F.S. Battery Life: ≥40 hours
Power On Zero Range: 20% F.S. Operating Temp.: – 10℃ ~ + 40℃
Manual Zero Range: 4% F.S. Operating Humidity: ≤85% RH under 20℃
Tare Range: 20% F.S. Remote Controller Distance: Min.15m
Stable Time: ≤10seconds; System Range: 500m (In Open Area)
Overload Indication: 100% F.S. + 9e Telemetry Frequency: 470mhz
Battery Type: 18650 rechargeable batteries or polymer batteries (7.4v 2000 Mah)



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