November 19, 2021

S-type load cell working principle and installation method

The S-type load cell is the most common load cell in nowadays. It is mainly used to measure the tension and pressure between solids. It is also called a tension pressure load cell for general use. Because its shape is like an S shape, it is also called S-type load cell, this load cell is made of alloy steel material, rubber sealing protection treatment, easy to install, convenient to use, suitable for electronic load weighing systems such as crane scales, batching scales, and machine scales.

At present, there are many manufacturers of s-type load cells in the Chinese market. So, what are the installation and use methods of s-type load cells? Today I will introduce to you the working principle and installation methods of s-type load cells!

Working principle of S-type load cell

The load cell is based on the principle: the elastic body (elastic element, sensitive beam) produces elastic deformation under the action of external force, so that the resistance strain gauge (conversion element) pasted on its surface also deforms. After the resistance strain gauge is deformed, its resistance The value will change (increase or decrease), and then the resistance change will be converted into an electrical signal (voltage or current) by the corresponding measuring circuit, thus completing the process of transforming the external force into an electrical signal.

S-type load cell installation method
1. According to the required working environment, select the appropriate load cell range and determine the rated load of the load cell used. Although the load cell itself has a certain overload capacity, this situation should be avoided as much as possible during installation and use. Sometimes a short-term overload may cause permanent damage to the load cell.
2. The load cell should be handled with care, especially for the small-capacity load cell that uses aluminum alloy material as the elastic body. Any shock or drop caused by vibration is likely to cause a large output error.
3. Wiring according to the instructions before installation, common wiring method: red is the positive pole of the power supply, connected to EXC+, the black wire is the negative pole of the power supply, connected to EXC-, the green wire is the positive signal of the signal, connected to SIG+, and the white wire is the signal The negative pole, connected to SIG-, the blue wire is the positive feedback, connected to SEN+, the yellow wire is the negative feedback, connected to SEN-, the color of the wire may be different when each manufacturer leaves the factory, please connect according to the manual.
4. The load cell shell, protective cover, and lead connector are all sealed and cannot be opened at will. The cable should not be lengthened by itself, because the load cell cable has been adjusted according to the output resistance value at the factory, and the lengthening or shortening of the load cell will affect the output Resistance, in order to affect the accuracy of the entire load cell, if it really needs to be lengthened, it should be soldered at the joint, and moisture-proof sealant should be added, and the resistance should be added again to adjust to the factory default output resistance.
5. The cable of the load cell should be far away from the strong power supply line or the place with pulse wave, so as to reduce the signal output of the load cell from the field interference source, reduce the error and improve the accuracy.
6. In high-precision applications, the tension load cell and instrument should be used after preheating for 30 minutes.
7. When purchasing a load cell as a spare part, the load cell should be stored in a dry, ventilated and non-corrosive gas room.

S-type load cell has the function of tension and compression: both tension and pressure can measure its anti-eccentric load ability, and it is also among the best in many load cells. Its advantages are high accuracy, good measurement range, easy installation and many applications in the packaging industry.

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