July 13, 2022

Shear beam load cell

The load cell is a force-to-electric conversion device that can convert gravity into an electrical signal. It is a key component of a sensor electronic weighing instrument. There are many types of sensors that can achieve power-to-electricity conversion. The most common ones are resistance strain type, electromagnetic force type and capacitive type. The weighing module is a practical structural component for sensors.


In order to meet the structural installation needs of various weighing instruments, load cells have been made into various structural forms, such as shear beam load cells, cantilever beam load cells, column load cells, box load cells, s-type load cell, etc. The main famous brands of load cells are: Celtron load cell, RICE LAKE load cell, TEDEA-HUNTLEIGH load cell, BLH load cell, INTERFACE load cell, TRANSCELL load cell, HBM load cell, Mettler Toledo / Toledo load cell, Laumas load cell and other world-renowned load cell brands.


According to the structure type, the load cell mainly includes S-row double-hole sensor, column sensor, spoke and shear beam sensor, column ring sensor, shear beam sensor and single S beam sensor. The measuring range of the S-line double-hole type sensor is generally 2Kg to 500Kg. This type of load cell has a strong anti-bias and anti-side ability. The elastic body of the shear beam sensor is shaped like a shear beam, which is named after the principle of the load cell.


Shear beam sensors have high accuracy and convenient calibration, and are widely used in many occasions such as automobile scales and platform scales. Because of its structural characteristics, column sensors are currently only used to measure tension, and their accuracy is generally between 0.03 and 0.05.


The shear beam sensor is made using the shear principle in the load cell principle, and its accuracy and stability are very high. Generally, it can meet the requirements without linear compensation. It is not affected by changes in force points. The single S-beam sensor is generally used when the measurement range is tens of Kg. It is not suitable for use when the vibration is large. Due to the symmetry of the structure, the principle of the spoke-type load cell can withstand large lateral force shear beam-type sensors. Because of its large hysteresis error, it is replaced by shear beam-type sensors in many occasions. The measuring range of the column sensor is very large, generally up to several hundred tons. It has good rigidity, strong anti-overload ability, simple processing and light weight.


The most popular load cell is the resistance strain type weighing, the strain gauge is the core unit of the load cell, and the elastic body is the basic component. Weighing sensors are mainly used in electronic truck scales, electronic platform scales, electronic forklifts, electronic rail scales, hopper scales, batching scales, canning scales and other electronic weighing instruments, industrial control fields, dynamic axle load scales, electronic hook scales, electronic pricing Scales, electronic steel scales, online control, safety overload alarms, material testing machines and other fields.

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