October 28, 2021

The Selection Scheme of Electronic Weighing Instrument Weighing Load Cell

Electronic scale weighing solutions are suitable for: electronic scales, platform scales, checkweighers, belt scales, forklift scales, floor scales
Truck scale, railway scale, livestock scale, etc.
The composition of electronic weighing instrument: load-bearing platform, scale body, weighing sensor, weighing display and stabilized power supply.
The working principle of the electronic weighing instrument: when weighing, the weight of the measured object is converted into an electric signal by the load cell, and then
After the operational amplifier is amplified and processed by the single-chip microprocessor, the weighing value is displayed in digital form.
Electronic scale weighing sensor selection scheme:
Electronic price computing scales usually weigh in the range of 300g-30kg, and are mainly used for weighing and pricing in the commercial field.
Electronic weighing scales usually weigh in the range of 0.3-30kg, and are mainly used for quantitative packaging weighing of small-package commodities.
The electronic counting scale usually weighs in the range of 0.3-30kg, which is mainly used for the weighing and counting of standard parts, parts and components.
Other weighing instrument weighing sensor options (consideration factors):
① The maximum weight of the material to be weighed or the total weight of the material ② The weight (tare) of the weighing platform or hopper device
③ The maximum eccentric load that may occur under normal operation ④ Selection of the number of load cells
⑤ Possible dynamic load and impact load during blanking during weighing
⑥ Other additional interference forces, such as wind pressure, vibration, etc.

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