December 31, 2021

The working principle of the weighing sensor of cement mixing station

The weighing part of the cement mixing station is mainly divided into four parts: sand and gravel feeding silo, powder (cement, fly ash, expansion agent, etc.) feeding silo, water and admixture feeding silo, transmission mixing and storage.

After the mixer control system is powered on, it enters the operation control interface of human-machine dialogue, and the system will initialize itself, including formula number, concrete grade, slump, production volume, etc. According to the weighing, each silo and measuring hopper are tested, and the signal of empty or full is output, and the operator is prompted to determine whether to start the mixing control program.

When the mixing plant produces concrete, the stone, sand, and cement are sent to the stone measuring hopper, sand measuring hopper and cement measuring hopper, respectively, and weighed and measured respectively. When the set metering is reached, the feeding is stopped and the valve is opened. , The stone, sand and cement are transported to the collecting hopper, and the valve of the metering hopper is closed after the transportation is completed. Aggregate is formed in the collecting bucket and transported to the mixing station.

The mineral powder, lime and expansion agent are sent to the designated metering hopper according to the given formula ratio for measurement, and then the powder is discharged into the mixer through the metering hopper. The water and admixture ingredients are transported to the designated metering according to the given formula ratio, and when the set metering is reached, they are delivered to the mixer. During the whole process, the mixer has been in the mixing state. After all the materials are put into the mixer, the timing starts, and the mixing time set by the formula is reached, the mixer discharge valve is turned on, and the finished concrete is discharged.

In the whole measurement process, the load cell plays an irreplaceable role. The weighing hopper converts the quality signal into a measurable electrical signal through the weighing sensor and transmits it to the man-machine in the designated control panel for operation control.

Several points need to be paid attention to when installing the weighing sensor of the mixing station:

1: Encapsulate the heavy sensor; seal the heavy sensor with waterproof and dustproof materials to keep the sensor’s components unaffected.

2: Control the environment or create a suitable working environment for heavy sensors.

3: Welding and sealing.

The use environment of the mixing station sensor is relatively the worst, so we must pay more attention to the moisture-proof design to reduce the damage of the environment to the sensor and extend its service life!

The appearance of the weighing sensor of the mixing station appeared and developed with the birth of cement. It first appeared in the form of a stand-alone machine, and now there are many different types. I believe that the development prospect of the mixing plant is bright.

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