June 27, 2022

There Are Ten Methods for Daily Maintenance of Weighbridge

The weighbridge of Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd is a large electronic platform scale. It has many advantages, such as fast and accurate weighing, digital display, intuitive and easy to read, stable and reliable, easy to maintain and so on. It can eliminate man-made reading error and is more in line with the requirements of legal metrology management. In addition to the high quality of electronic weighbridge, some other things should be paid attention to when installing.




Commissioning of Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd weighbridge:


After the installation, check whether all parts of the scale are well connected. The scale body should not be touched with any part of the base. The distance between the scale body and the nearby edge protection is 12mm ~ 15mm.


Before commissioning, turn on the power switch to preheat for 15 minutes, and try to use the vehicle with load close to large scale, repeatedly pass by and brake on the bearing platform, and tighten the high-strength bolts of each load cell with torque wrench.


1: Use a digital voltmeter to measure the output voltage of each load cell in sequence. If there are differences, adjust the corresponding two precision adjustable resistors in the junction box to reduce the difference between them. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of adjustment. The rotation direction of the two adjustable resistors should be the same, and the amount of rotation should also be the same. When rolling clockwise, the resistance decreases, the output voltage increases, and the display value increases. Otherwise, the opposite is true. Until it is adjusted to the common output of each load cell.


2: After debugging the bearing points, add the weight equivalent to the largest scale to the bearing platform evenly. According to the directions and methods described in the instructions of various weighing display devices, after making the display value and weight value together, remove the weight and admit that the empty scale is displayed as “0”. Divide the maximum scale into several parts, which shall include the minimum scale, maximum scale and each weighing point with tolerance change. The weighing error of each point shall not be greater than the maximum tolerance request of each measuring point.


There are 10 methods for daily maintenance of Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd weighbridge


1: The instrument shall be grounded separately, and the grounding resistance shall be less than 4 Ω;


2: The AC voltage should be stable and there should be a regulated power supply;


3: It is strictly forbidden to plug in or out signal cables in the instrument room;


4: The car should be on the platform at a constant speed, with a speed limit of 5 kilometers per hour. It is forbidden to brake suddenly on the platform;


5: In rainy season, check the water storage condition frequently, do not allow the water in the base pit, and keep the drainage channel unblocked;


6: When the staff  is off duty, disconnect the power supply of the instrument (disconnect the plug);


7: Check the limit device regularly to keep the limit clearance at 3-4mm;


8: Clean the bottom of the weighing platform regularly, and no foreign matter is allowed to block the weighing platform;


9: If you are not using a lightning proof weighbridge, it is forbidden to use a truck scale in thunderstorm days, and you need to disconnect the power supply. It is forbidden to park the vehicle on the weighbridge platform to prevent lightning strike;


10: When the meter beat abnormally or the measurement is not accurate, check whether the signal line is damaged and whether the device is installed artificially.

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