March 11, 2022

Truck scale foundation construction and matters needing attention

7 major steps for foundation construction of floor scales:


When the user decides to buy a floor scale, after setting the floor scale, the first thing to do is to do the basic engineering of the floor scale


1. The foundation structure of the floor scale is divided into two types: shallow foundation pit and no foundation pit. The scale manufacturer can provide users with design drawings according to their needs.


2. The user designs the construction drawings based on the basic design drawings provided and combined with the site geological conditions. Three issues must be paid special attention to in construction design:


(1) The bearing capacity (ground endurance) of the plain soil under the foundation shall not be less than 20t/m2. If the on-site geological conditions cannot meet this requirement, reinforcement must be done.


(2) Foundation excavation must be dug below the local frozen soil line.


(3) For shallow foundation pits, drainage channels must be designed. For foundations without foundation pits, the surrounding drainage issues should also be considered to ensure that the truck scale will not be submerged in the water due to rain.


3. The vertical and horizontal steel bars in the foundation concrete need to be bundled with 16# iron wire for more than 50% of the intersection points, and connected to each iron bottom plate with steel bars (used as the ground wire of the load cell).



  1. The embedded parts (iron base plate, anchor bolts, angle iron edge protection, etc.) in the foundation construction shall be prepared by the user. Measures must be taken during construction to ensure the correct positions of the anchor bolts and the iron bottom plate. For this reason, it is recommended to use the method of secondary grouting for positioning, and it is necessary to ensure that no cavity is formed between the iron bottom plate and the concrete. During construction, it is necessary to ensure that the levelness and elevation of each iron slab meet the requirements of the basic design drawings. The equal height difference of the center of each iron base plate should be less than 2mm, the horizontal inclination of the iron base plate should be less than 1/500, and the diagonal deviation of the center distance of each iron base plate should be less than 2mm.


5. After the foundation construction is completed, care must be taken to maintain it. In order to shorten the construction period and curing time, measures such as “early strength agent” are allowed to be added to the concrete during construction. The weighing platform shall not be installed when the concrete has not reached the design strength.


Six. The design of the weighing room of the electronic truck scale is determined by the user according to the actual needs: a grounding wire and 220V power supply must be installed in the weighing room to prepare the weighing control instrument. The weighing room must be close to the weighing platform, and special circumstances need to be informed in advance with our company.


Seven. The weighing signal cable is led out from the weighing platform and enters the weighing room through the metal pipe. It is recommended to use a 1 inch metal pipe and wear the iron lead of the lead cable at the same time.



Precautions for foundation construction of floor scale installation:


The location of the weighbridge is very important: the installation position of the weighbridge should have a good drainage channel, and it will not be submerged by heavy rain or mountain floods. For shallow foundation pits, drainage channels should be set up. In addition, the two ends of the weighbridge must have a straight road of sufficient length for the car to go up and down the weighing platform, and the straight road at both ends must be at least equal to the length of the weighing platform. In short, there should be enough space around the weighbridge to ensure smooth traffic flow. In the future, civil construction should also be considered in place, whether it will affect the traffic of weighbridge vehicles.


Foundation pit form of floor scale installation



There are generally two types of foundation pits for electronic platform scales, one is no foundation pit, and the other is shallow foundation pit. Shallow foundation pit refers to the installation method in which the platform scale is installed in the foundation pit, and the surface of the weighing platform is flat with the ground. The platform scale without foundation pit is installed above the ground, which can be cleaned frequently, does not accumulate water, and is relatively cheap. Generally choose the non-pit-type electronic platform scale installation method. If the shallow foundation pit method is adopted: sufficient space should be reserved for future sensor replacement. Most companies will open 8 square holes on the flat road in the position of 8 sensors, and cover them with iron plates.


Factors affecting the installation position of the weighing instrument


The number of cars weighed per day. If you only weigh about 20 cars a day, one floor scale should be enough, and a dual-phase road weighing system should be set up; if you want to weigh about 50 cars a day, you need to prepare a parking place, and one floor scale should also be enough , It is best to prepare another side road; if there are far more than 100 vehicles per day, you should consider using two weighbridges at the same time. Each weighing instrument can weigh heavy or empty vehicles in both directions, and there is a side road.


You should consider: Where should the car be parked? Do I have to line up when weighing? What happens when there is heavy snow, heavy rain, or during peak seasons? And so on, you need to pay attention to all the questions.


Floor scale foundation


The scale must be poured into a concrete foundation. This foundation must be excavated below the local frozen soil line. The concrete number should be guaranteed during construction. The embedded parts should be poured to ensure geometric dimensions such as levelness and position. The embedded parts are not displaced. After the foundation is poured, it should be maintained in accordance with the civil engineering specifications, and the scale can be installed only when the concrete reaches the design strength index. If the maintenance period is to be shortened, measures such as early strengthening agents are allowed under the guidance of professional and technical personnel during construction. In order to prevent lightning, you should set up a grounding stake according to local conditions and ensure that the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms. An iron pipe should be laid from the center of the weighing platform to the weighing room to pass the signal cable. The general construction period plus the basic maintenance period will take about 20 days before and after.


Location selection of pound room


The weighing room should be close to the weighbridge so that weighing instruments, computers, printers and other equipment can be placed. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the weighing personnel can also contact the driver, pass the weighing list, ensure that the car is weighed, identify the license plate number, and check the goods. . Many companies did not consider the position at the beginning, and combined the guard and the weighing room together, which caused the driver to run back and forth. When the weighing volume was large, the vehicles queued up seriously.



Final installation and verification of the loadometer


Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer will assist in the installation, adjustment, and trial operation, and then find the Technical Supervision Bureau for verification. You need to contact in advance: crane (or forklift), jack, the more weights during verification, the better.

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