July 1, 2022

Unattended Scales

The specific advantages of Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd digital truck scale, Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd weighbridge software Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd truck scale with printing and Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd unattended truck scale system:


  1. More fair


The internal transparency is improved. Through the “one card to the end” of the driver, it saves the need to check the manufacturer, coal type, sampling tank number and other related information. In the process of the driver always takes the card as the operation basis, which realizes the confidentiality of the manufacturer’s data and other information to the internal operators, so as to effectively eliminate the possibility of commercial bribery of internal personnel. The unmanned weighing link effectively controls the possibility of weighing staff closing the weighing link.


  1. Easy to manage


For the management department, we can know the current production and logistics situation through the summary report in the system; for the financial settlement department, we can get clear and accurate settlement report; the warehouse management department can know the situation of receiving and sending goods. These report data can be consulted at any time, so it also strengthens the consistency of management, shortens the response time of decision-makers to production, improves management efficiency, reduces operation cost, and promotes enterprise information management.


  1. Increaserate


The automatic weighing system is an intelligent weighing system integrating self-service weighing terminal, automatic vehicle number recognition system, automatic voice command system, weighing image real-time capture system, traffic light control system, infrared system, gate control system and remote monitoring system. In the whole process of weighing, automatic and reliable collection, automatic discrimination, automatic command, automatic processing and automatic control of measurement data are achieved, which greatly reduces the end-to-end and work intensity brought by manual operation, and improves the degree of informatization and automation of the system.


  1. Downsize


The implementation of digital weighbridge unattended system effectively improves the work efficiency of field personnel. The implementation of RFD measurement system removes the link of manual measurement and simplifies the personnel of enterprises.


To sum up, the unattended digital weighbridge weighing system is a more intelligent, fair and efficient weighing system, which is especially suitable for the fields of automation, municipal administration and product supervision.

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