August 5, 2022

What are the advantages of explosion-proof truck scale?

Explosion proof truck scale can be selected according to customer’s demand in the following two ways:


1: Flameproof configuration: put digital explosion-proof weighing instrument, digital explosion-proof sensor and digital explosion-proof junction box in dangerous area. Features: because the digital explosion-proof weighing instrument is located in the dangerous area, the options connected with it are required to be explosion-proof. At present, many options have no explosion-proof products, which limits the expansion of products in terms of function. Ningbo Goldshine Electronic Co., Ltd’s products have explosion-proof large screen display to meet the requirements of outdoor display weight.


2: Composite configuration: the non explosion proof digital weighing instrument is placed in the safe area, and the scale body, digital explosion-proof weighing sensor and explosion-proof digital junction box are placed in the dangerous area. Features: because the instrument is located in a safe area, all the options connected with it can be connected, such as printers, weighing management software, computers, etc., which have strong expansibility in function.


In addition, when outdoor large screen display is needed, explosion-proof large screen can be connected.


The advantages are as follows:


Advantage 1: innovative technical principle, built-in safety barrier, reduce the failure link, more safe and reliable;


Advantage 2: the explosion-proof weighing sensor adopts the bridge type sensor of our company , which is sealed by stainless steel laser welding and loaded by steel ball. It has good automatic centering ability and dynamic response, which makes the anti eccentric load ability of the sensor more stable.


Advantage 3: the explosion-proof weighing display instrument adopts the advanced chip component technology inside, which makes the appearance exquisite, its function huge, and its performance can reflect the superior performance of the application of advanced semiconductor technology.


Advantage 4: explosion proof truck scale explosion proof grade: IIBT5, wider range of application.


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