November 26, 2021

What Are the Applications of Digital Load Cells?

What are the applications of digital load cells?


Digital weighing load cell is the new favorite in the field of weighing technology. It is well known in the field of weighing because of its simple and efficient debugging and strong on-site adaptability. The digital load cell has a built-in microprocessor, which can easily diagnose itself. It is a type of load cell with a high usage rate. So what are the applications of digital load cells? Here is an introduction!


What are the applications of digital load cells?


  1. The transmission distance is long and the communication speed is fast and the anti-cheating effect is obvious. The mV signal of the analog load cellis too small, and it is vulnerable to radio frequency hazards and electromagnetic interference. And because of the damage of cable resistance during transmission, the signal transmission distance is shorter. Cheating with analog weighing is extremely easy and difficult to control. The digital load celloutput digital signal, not only the level is a hundred times higher than the analog type, it is not easy to be harmed, and it is transmitted in accordance with the Bifbus field bus communication protocol. The communication speed is ten times that of ordinary RS485. The high speed and communication error correction ability ensure that Data information is fast and reliable. Because of the confidentiality of the agreement, it is impossible to cheat at the scene.


  1. The angle difference is very easy to adjust the scale body composed of an analog load cell. Because the signal is indistinguishable, it is necessary to add a weight to each load celland use the potentiometer in the junction box to realize the angle difference adjustment during calibration. There are interactions, so adjustments need to be repeated many times, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.


What are the advantages of digital load cells?


  1. The transmission distance is long, the communication speed is fast, and the anti-cheating effect is obvious. The output signal of the traditional analog weighing load cellis small, usually in the millivolt level. During the transmission process, the signal is still lost due to the hazard of the cable resistance, and it is also very easy Due to the hazards of the surrounding environment, long-distance transmission cannot be achieved. There are many ways to cheat on its signals, which are usually difficult to control.


  1. Strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, and good lightning protection performance. The power supply of the analog load cellis output from the meter, and the quality of the power is jeopardized by the meter. They are also very susceptible to electromagnetic interference and surges. The instability of the power supply is also very harmful to the output of the load cell, and it is very easy to cause the instability of the output, and the instantaneous high voltage can also cause the damage of the load cell. The digital load celluses a brand-new welding manufacturing technology, and it is also filled with helium gas to protect the safety of the circuit, and the protection level is very high.


  1. Exemption of calibration When the load cell is brought to the site, there is no suitable counterweight system, and it is usually difficult to achieve calibration. If it is not calibrated, the error will be very large. Because the analog load cellhas losses during the on-site connection process, it must be calibrated on-site. The digital load cellcan save this job, because it has been calibrated with a standard dynamometer in production, and its output corresponds to the standard value.


What are the applications of digital load cells? After reading this article, I believe you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the application of digital load cells in your mind! The digital load cell has high reliability and strong anti-interference ability, and is a popular product in the load cell field. With the rapid development of load cell technology, the future digital load cell will also have a more far-reaching development prospect!


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