October 28, 2021

What Is A Digital Load Cell? What Are Its Characteristics?

Digital load cell is a new type of electronic weighing technology developed by integrating traditional strain gauge load cell with modern electronic technology and computer software technology. The sensor uses a highly integrated and intelligent processing unit to simulate the analog weight signal. /Digital conversion and other preprocessing, automatically corresponding to the zero point, temperature, non-linearity, hysteresis, creep, etc. of the variable load cell for digital compensation, and finally output digital signals.

The main features of digital load cell:

(1) Pre-determined digital models and algorithms are used in software technology to automatically perform four-corner error adjustment, zero point compensation, linear correction and other performance compensation for the sensor, which better solves the problems of eccentric load, temperature influence and practical effect creep, and thoroughly Eliminate the influence of temperature drift and time drift, reduce the system error of the weighing instrument, and greatly improve the stability and reliability of the weighing instrument.

(2) Due to the use of special digital circuit design and communication methods in the software and hardware technology, long-distance transmission of weighing signals is realized, and the output signal has strong anti-interference ability.

(3) It can prevent cheating by changing the size of the weighing signal with a simple circuit.

(4) Improve the maintenance characteristics and interchangeability of electronic weighing instruments, especially when a sensor in an electronic weighing instrument using a digital sensor system fails, it can still be accurately judged and replaced in time or after the digital sensor system is set as necessary. Ensure the working ability of the weighing instrument.

(5) Self-checking and correction are carried out through the system application software, which simplifies the calibration and adjustment process of the scale body, and is especially suitable for weighing systems that cannot be calibrated with weights.

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