October 28, 2021

What Is the Difference between Weighing Module and Load Cell?

In some weighing applications of tanks, silos, and reactors, we usually recommend that you use weighing modules. You may have some doubts in your mind: what is the difference between a load cell and a weighing module?

First of all, the use of weighing modules is different from that of load cells. The weighing modules are generally used in the weighing applications of large tanks and silos. The weighing module is actually a new type of weighing element. It combines the load cell, load transfer device and installation connectors and other components, and can be easily connected to various shapes of mechanical devices, such as vertical tanks and tanks. Tanks, hoppers, etc. In layman’s terms. The weighing module is used in combination with the tank structure to convert it into a “weighing device”. When the weighing module is installed under the feet of the material tank, the material tank will change from a simple container for storing materials to a “weighing device”. An important part of this “weighing equipment” is the load cell.

The structure of the weighing module

Compared with the load cell, the weighing module has good anti-eccentric load performance and limit protection structure, which can ensure the safety, performance and structure of the weighing. Weighing modules are widely used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Weighing modules have the following characteristics:

  • The measurement result is not affected by the shape of the tank, sensor material or process parameters.
  • It can be installed on containers of various shapes and can be used to transform existing equipment.
  • Free of site restrictions, flexible assembly, convenient maintenance and low price.
  • The weighing module can be installed on the supporting point of the container without additional space.
  • The weighing module is easy to maintain, if the sensor is damaged, the support screw can be adjusted
  • Pull up the scale body, without removing the weighing module, you can replace the sensor.

When selecting a weighing module or load cell, the actual working occasion and working environment should be considered, which has a great influence on the service life and weighing accuracy of the sensor. We can provide you with 200g-1200t load cells or weighing modules. If you encounter difficulties in the selection, you can contact the engineer to choose the model for you.

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