June 2, 2020

What is the load cell amplifier?

Let’s see what a load cell amplifier is. Let’s see what a load cell is. A load cell is an electronic device that converts an electrical signal into a force that can then be measured. In a nutshell, it’s a device that allows us to measure the project and load – measuring forces that provide us with the weight. So, is the amplifier coming? The electrical output of the load cell is usually not so much through one and needs to be output through the amplifier before the output can be used for several millivolts. This is a bit like talking through a microphone. If you are 400 people in a room and start talking with them, usually not many people can hear your voice. If you want to use the same voice, and discuss that through the microphone, the voice that everyone can hear in the whole room will be amplified. This is the same load cell, it is very difficult to read the signal through the load cell, because it is so low, the amplifier is easier.

What are some of the different types of load cell amplifiers?

As with any product, there are always different varieties to choose from, whether from different brands or different types of amplifiers. You can choose between the digital load cell amplifier and the analog load cell amplifier. The amplifier you should choose should depend on the load cell, for example, if you are using a digital load cell, you should use a digital load cell amplifier. When you buy your amplifier for the first time, it needs to be calibrated to your load cell, so they are synchronized, usually when you buy the amplifier load cell company’s calibration this is for you.

A typical characteristics of load cell and amplifier

After purchasing the amplifier function to make sure it’s very suitable for its use, it can be used to load cells you have results in mind. A typical gauge load cell amplifier may look like this:

Digital load cell amplifier:

◎Use of non-volatile skin and peak retention facilities;

◎DIN rail mounted 11-25v DC power supply, digital display, zero and peeling buttons;

◎600 readings per second, read – 99999 and 99999 counts;

◎4-20 mA analog output, 3 programmable logic inputs and logic outputs;

◎RS422 / 485 interface. Quick and easy calibration of the sensitivity of the load cell mV/V;

◎18 bit resolution, linearity better than 0.002%, optional filter 0.25 – 19.7 Hz;

◎Designed to drive 4-fold 350 ohm load cells ± 3.2mv/v max;

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