August 19, 2022


Shear beam load cells are widely used where operators need to measure compressive forces. The core component of a shear beam load cell is a spring element. This element is a piece of metal that is elastically deformed under load and recovers the moment the load is removed. This deformation or strain is picked up by strain gauges installed on the metal element and converted into an electrical signal. Shear beam load cells can be calibrated for various units of weight (grams, kilograms or tons).



Single-endet shear beams are primarily used for medium loads up to about 5 tons. These load cells are found in many conveyor scales, container scales and platform scales for medium weights as well as in packaging and bottling plants. Shear beam load cells are also used for the measurement of forces and torques in industrial plants. Platform scales are normally equipped with several such load cells connected in parallel.



As shear beam load cells are generally used in industrial applications, they are of sturdy design. This is also reflected in their protection rating of IP67 or IP68, which means that they are protected against dust ingress, splash water or even immersion. The data sheets of shear beam load cells state the key parameters of rated load and limit or breaking load. Equally important is the minimum scale division as it determines the permissible tare weight. Shear beam load cells can be easily connected in parallel into a shared circuit, as the latest generation of these devices tend to be output current calibrated (through impedance trimming). There is thus no need for additional trimming, and Single-endet shear beams from different manufacturers can normally be combined into a single circuit. Where shear beam load cells are to be installed in verifiable weighing devices, they must themselves be verifiable.

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