August 17, 2023

What should be paid attention to when installing and using wireless electronic crane scales?

Hanging scales, hanging scales, also known as hanging scales, hanging scales, hanging scales, hook scales, etc., are weighing instruments that measure the mass (weight) of objects in a suspended state. Implement the latest industry standard GB/T 11883-2002, which belongs to OIML Ⅲ scale. Crane scales are generally used in steel, metallurgy, factories and mines, cargo stations, logistics, bazaars, workshops and other occasions that require loading and unloading, transportation, measurement, settlement, etc. Common models are: 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T, 20T, 30T , 50T, 100T, 150T, 200T, etc.

Electronic crane scales are actually very common in our lives, such as in chemical plants, mining industries and other places. The structure of Ningbo Goldshine intelligent electronic digital crane scale is relatively simple. It mainly consists of mechanical load-bearing mechanism, load cell, A/D conversion board, power supply, wireless transmitting and receiving device and weighing display instrument. It is also relatively convenient to install and use. So what is the working principle of how the electronic digital crane scale is classified? Let’s take a look!

1: From the structural characteristics, it can be divided into dial crane scale and Ningbo Goldshine intelligent electronic crane scale.

2: From the working form, it can be divided into four types: hook head suspension type, driving type, axle seat type and embedded type.

(Monorail electronic crane scales are mainly used in industries such as slaughtering meat joints, meat wholesale, storage supermarkets, rubber manufacturing, papermaking, etc., to weigh items on the suspension track. Hook head scales are mainly used in metallurgy, steel mills, railways, logistics, etc. Large-tonnage cargo weighing in height-limited occasions, such as containers, ladles, ladles, coils, etc. Lifting weight limiters are mainly used for overload protection during the working process of cranes in metallurgy, logistics, railways, ports, and industrial and mining enterprises.)

(The hook head hanging type hook scale affects the height of the crane lifting goods; the driving type and shaft seat type Ningbo Goldshine intelligent hook scale needs to modify the crane, which affects the crane operation during maintenance; and the embedded hook scale is in the crane. It is a direction for the development of the industry to add a weighing link to a certain part of the crane without affecting the lifting height or the operation of the crane.)

3: In terms of reading form, it can be divided into scale body direct display type (that is, the integration of sensor and scale body), wired operation box display (crane operation control), large screen display and wireless transmission instrument display (can be networked with microcomputer) four kind.

(Direct display electronic crane scales are widely used in material entry and exit statistics, warehouse inventory control, and finished product weight weighing in logistics warehouses, factory workshops, bazaars and other fields. Wireless digital transmission steel structure electronic crane scales are widely used in railway terminals, Cargo loading and unloading weighing in harsh industrial and mining occasions such as iron and steel metallurgy, energy mines, factories and mines.)

4: From the sensor form, it can be divided into four types: resistance strain type, piezomagnetic type, piezoelectric type and capacitive type.

5: From the use environment, it is divided into normal temperature type, high temperature type, low temperature type, anti-magnetic insulation type and explosion-proof type. (The anti-magnetic and anti-heat crane scale has accurate weighing, rich functions, simple operation, various configurations, excellent anti-magnetic and anti-heat performance, and is widely used in rolling steel, smelting, aluminum ladle, steel ladle, electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic copper, electromagnetic sucker crane, Weighing and measuring in high temperature, strong magnetism and dusty environment such as electric furnace ironmaking. Explosion-proof electronic crane scale can be used in dangerous gas or dust occasions, such as paint, paint, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, military and other industries.)

6: In terms of data stabilization processing, it can be divided into three types: static type, quasi-dynamic type and dynamic type.


Direct display crane scale:

Direct-display crane scale, also known as direct-view crane scale, is a kind of direct-display crane scale with a scale body, that is, the sensor and scale body are integrated, with a display screen, and the weighing data can be read intuitively. It is suitable for logistics warehouses, industrial and mining enterprises , processing workshops, bazaars, freight station transportation and other fields of entry and exit statistics, inventory control, weight weighing, etc. Direct display crane scales generally have the functions of automatic accumulation, tare, remote tare, value hold, display division value, overload limit, underload reminder, and low power alarm.


Wireless crane scale:

The wireless crane scale is generally composed of a wireless instrument, a scale body, a trolley, a wireless transmitter (in the scale body), a wireless receiver (in the instrument), a charger, an antenna, and a battery. Hang the ring of the crane scale on the hook of the crane. When the object is hung on the hook of the crane scale, the sensor in the scale body is deformed by the tension, and then the current changes, and the changed current is converted into an electrical signal by A/D , and then the transmitter sends out the radio signal, and the receiver receives the signal and then transmits it to the meter, which is converted and calculated by the meter, and finally displayed. Wireless crane scales generally have automatic measurement, energy-saving operation, remote operation, peeling, accumulation, cumulative display, backlight, data retention, storage, setting printing, query, intelligent control, adjustable division value, adjustable signal frequency, and failure rate. Low, overload alarm, anti-cheating, easy maintenance and other features. Different wireless crane scales can adapt to different usage environments.

What should be paid attention to when installing and using wireless electronic crane scales?

Nowadays, users have many choices of different categories when purchasing crane scales. They can determine the range range of crane scales according to their own weighing needs, and at the same time, they can choose the material classification and function types of crane scales according to the working environment. At present, the application of wireless electronic crane scales is very common, and many advanced technologies are also applied. The wireless crane scale is mainly composed of objects, load cells, hooks, shackles, hand-held display instruments and other devices. It is worth mentioning that most of the industrial-grade wireless crane scales are made of stainless steel. Therefore, it is very sturdy and durable during use, and there will be no problems with slight bumps. The wireless crane scale adopts the built-in battery charging method, so the user can directly charge through the back cover during the use of the crane scale, and the method is very simple.

The appearance of the wireless electronic crane scale is exquisite and beautiful, and the structure of the scale body has undergone many improvements during the design and production period, so the wireless crane scale is safer and more durable, and can provide users with more high-quality experience during use. The wireless crane scale also adopts the design feature of the rotating hook, so when using the crane scale, the data can be read directly through the front, and protective plates are installed on both sides of the crane scale, which greatly improves the safety of the product. Now the application of wireless crane scales has begun to gain the attention of the majority of users. During the use of wireless crane scales, users need to pay attention to the operation process and maintenance methods of the product. Before using the crane scales, they need to make preparations. The following is for the use of wireless crane scales. A brief description of the preparations in advance.

Before using the wireless electronic crane scale, the location of the device should be selected first. The temperature in the installation environment of the crane scale (except for high temperature resistant electronic crane scales) should be suitable. Great progress, but wireless crane scales are also electronic equipment products.

Although crane scales can be installed and used in places with relatively high temperatures, they cannot stay in environments with high temperatures for a long time. Many users may be confused about this, so how to judge whether the temperature in the working environment is appropriate? In fact, after using it for a period of time in the current situation, the operator can directly touch the crane scale shell to feel the temperature. As long as the casing is not hot to the touch, there is no problem.


When installing and using wireless crane scales, you should also pay attention to whether the humidity in the environment meets the standards. Crane scales are the same as ordinary electronic scales. If they are installed in a humid environment, they are prone to failure, because the internal electronic components will have quality problems after they are damp. Therefore, the humidity in the working environment must meet the standard, and the humidity should not exceed 100%. More than 85, in addition, when installing the crane scale, you should also pay attention to the ventilation in the environment. If the user can pay attention to the ambient temperature and humidity during the use of the crane scale, then many failures can be avoided.


When installing and using wireless electronic crane scales, users should also be careful not to let the crane scales be exposed to rain for a long time (except for industrial-grade waterproof electronic crane scales, of course). If water stains enter the inside of the crane scale, it will easily cause circuit failure , the user is best to use it indoors during the use of the wireless crane scale. If it must be used outdoors, it should also pay attention to the weather and environmental conditions and whether it is suitable for operating the electronic crane scale.



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